Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY Review

Today we’ll take a look at the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY and some similar personal two way radio products by Bellsouth. How can you use them? Are they practical? Do they do what they say they’ll do? Will they hold up? Let’s see if we can answer these questions.

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The Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY does have a good feature set, 5 mile radius, voice activated, channel scan, LCD display, supports GMRS and FRS frequencies and is in a lightweight and functional package. It’s pretty much what you would want in a small, inexpensive, two way talk radio.

These two way radios, like the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY, are great for kids to take with them when they’re running about the neighborhood. They’re also useful on hiking and camping trips and multi-vehicle road trips where cell phone coverage may be spotty. The sound quality is a cut above older CB radio based walkie-talkies.

I’ve found though that the range of 5 miles is a bit optimistic. With radios of this type I’ve seen a range of 2.5 miles to be more realistic. I doubt that the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY is much better.

One problem I’ve noticed with the lower end Bellsouth communication products is durability. I had a Bellsouth two way radio set similar to the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY and it didn’t last 3 months. It just couldn’t handle the rough and tumble treatment my son gave it. However, with some more careful handling the radio might have survived longer. Another common problem is these radios being DOA, dead-on-arrival, so make sure whoever you buy one from has a good return policy.

Overall, I think you’ll be happy with the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY as long as you don’t expect too much from it.


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2008-07-04 08:41:02

I’ve thought for a while that we should be looking at one of these radios to give to our son for while he’s out and about in the neighborhood. I’m glad to hear that you recommend the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY and I will certainly take your advice about ordering from a place with a good returns policy.

Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by jfc
2008-07-05 12:27:45

Hi Amish,

It’s great for in-neighborhood communication as long as your kid can take care of the walkie talkie and your neighborhood isn’t huge and/or hilly.

Comment by Buy Gothic Dresses
2008-07-04 08:48:29

I have the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY, and some friends and I have used it to goof around when we are taking a road trip to the coast. Much less expensive than cellphones, but the sound quality of the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY is perfectly sufficient to keep us in touch during a long drive.

Comment by jfc
2008-07-05 12:29:53

Hi Gothic,

I suppose the Bellsouth Two Way Talk Radio 2276GY would perform better on flat coastal areas than it does here in the rolling hills of Northeast Georgia. Line of sight seems to help out the distance and sound quality of these walkie-talkies.

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