Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player Review

I owned a Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player up until a few months ago when I lost mine. The Sandisk Sansa series are flash memory based, which I prefer over less durable hard disk based media players. The Sansa does music, photo and video clip playback and it will play both MP3 and WMA formatted files, including Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music. I found this music player to be a rather good alternative to the Apple iPod Nano and less expensive too.

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One of the great things about the Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player is the 1.8 TFT color screen. The user interface shows up well and is easy to read and to thumb through. Video quality is decent enough although quite small. The battery on the Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player is a rechargeable Lithium Ion. I found that it would hold out for about 20 hours on a charge but that would be with minimal video usage. The video screen will cause a dramatic drop in total playing time.

The Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player comes with a proprietary USB cable and rather useless earbud headphones. These are perhaps the biggest annoyances about the unit. It would have been nice for them to have used a more standard USB cable. The earbuds, well, they’re about average for the market I guess but you can find much more decent earbud headphones for under $50.

I found the sound quality from the Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player to be excellent. I didn’t have any complaints in this department with the unit I had. I enjoyed being able to use subscription services with this device and that was a great money saver. The tough metal and plastic cover made me feel confident about the Sandisk Sansa e260’s durability.

The bottom line is that I thought the Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player was a good digital music player for the $200 I paid for it a little over a year ago. I have seen deals around that have it in the sub $50 price range. At that price, it’s almost a no-brainer to go ahead and buy a  Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player.

UPDATE: I found my player in a box I had put into storage. I’m not sure how my Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player ended up there during our move but I’m glad to have it back. Now to figure out what I did with that proprietary USB cable!


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Comment by Evan Glueck
2008-06-18 00:09:36


Well priced
Long battery life


Unit freezes
Difficult to delete multiple songs
Weak secondary market for add-ons

Evan Glueck

Comment by jfc
2008-06-18 00:32:17

Hi Evan,

The freezing problem you mentioned seems to happen due to corrupted files either on the source, like your PC, or on the unit itself. It seems that proper error management code isn’t something that programmers consider in these digital music players like the Sandisk Sansa e260. I’ve encountered the same kind of freeze ups on multiple players.

Comment by Affiliate Marketing
2008-06-20 00:24:49

I own this very unit and absolutely love it so much, I shelved my sirius radio for it. The most significant thing about this player is it supports Rhapsody and Rhapsody will allow you to download songs from its library to the Sansa for the monthly subscription fee (basically “renting” the songs.

Comment by jfc
2008-06-20 00:31:43

Hi ‘Affiliate Marketing’,

I like the subscription services too. I see it as a good way to save money on music. If I really like an artist and the album I’ll go buy the CD. If I don’t, I’m not out any money.

Comment by Luxury Destinations
2008-06-27 20:44:51

Yeah that’s the sort of price I pay for a mp3 player: the Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player might be my next MP3 player because I need something which is a bit bigger than my current 128KB player! The Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player could be for me!

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