Finding Dinosaur Fossils for Sale Online

A popular collection hobby is collecting dinosaur fossils. There are serious collectors and people who collect fossils for fun. It’s an educational and enjoyable science hobby. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls out there when it comes to finding dinosaur fossils for sale online. There are original fossils that have been excavated, relatively inexpensive replica fossils and outright fakes. What are some things you can do that can help you make sure that you purchase the dinosaur fossil you want and not get ripped off?

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The first thing you should know is to avoid any so-called authentic dinosaur fossils being sold from China or listed as being Chinese in origin. This is because the Chinese government heavily restricts the export of cultural artifacts and fossils are considered such an item. Also, a lot of fake fossils originate from there and, unless you are an expert in paleontology it may be difficult for you to determine the authenticity of a particular item.

As always when buying online, the reputation of a dinosaur fossil seller is important. If you’re buying a dinosaur fossil on eBay, check the seller’s feedback and their experience in selling fossils. If you’re buying elsewhere avoid fly-by-night operations and look for established dealers. You can investigate these companies by searching for them on Google and checking paleontology forums.

One thing to consider so far as the price of a dinosaur fossil is concerned is the preparation quality of the specimen. Professionally preparation of a fossil is very important. This can increase the value of the fossil and it’s exhibition detail. However, you should note that professional fossil preparation is quite expensive. 

I recommend starting your dinosaur fossil collection small. Buy inexpensive and common pieces first so that you can learn enough about fossils so that you understand what you are buying. You don’t want to be ripped off on your first transaction. Such beginner fossils might include petrified wood, trilobites, ammonites, coral and green river fish fossils. Once you’ve gained a better understanding of fossils you can move up to full fledged dinosaur fossils armed with more knowledge.


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Comment by Discount Gift Cards
2008-06-18 19:36:00

While I don’t consider it one of my hobbies, I do have a few fossils that I collected as a child. Unfortunately I never came across a dinosaur fossil but how cool would it be to own an authentic dinosaur fossil? Or just one T-Rex tooth?

Little kids should ask Santa for a dinosaur fossil since they seem to be so readily available over the internet via eBay. Talk about a unique gift idea.


Comment by jfc
2008-06-19 08:43:44

Hi Rhonda,

I had a “junior geologist” science kit when I was a kid that had several fossils in it. You don’t see these kinds of science kits around these days as much and the few that are rarely contain real fossils. Most have plastic replicas.

Fossil Megalodon teeth were easy to find in the coastal plain region of Georgia where I grew up. It was fun playing amateur archaeologist looking for them.

Comment by Mike
2008-06-26 06:27:00

My Self Mike

really good knowledge for fossils.


Comment by Vintage Coffee Tin
2008-07-01 09:57:32

Frank - Your advice on starting a collection of Dinosaur Fossils small is bang on and should apply to all collections. There’s nothing worse than seeing somebody get all juiced up over a new hobby then finding out he’s been scammed. Pick up a few neat looking pieces (affordable) then learn everything you can about them and take them to a trustworthy dealer for a quick lesson. If the dealer is smart he will give you a free consult knowing he is possibly cultivating a long term customer.


Comment by Dino
2008-08-06 04:18:39

really good knowledge for fossils


2008-08-15 02:35:25

I think fossils are cool and I did not know you could get them on ebay. It would be risky to buy some there, but I think if I used your advice and started off small I would learn what to look for and who to trust.

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