3M FAP02 RS Filtrete Air Purifier Review

The 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier is a small, compact design, air purifier that uses an electrostatic filter to capture large airborne particles. Capturing large particles like mold spores, pollen, dust mites and other such nasties floating in the air can greatly relieve allergies and other sinus problems. The question is how well does the 3M Filtrete Air Purifier do this job? Is it quiet to operate so that you can sleep in the same room? Is the 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier economical to use? Are there any downsides to this product? Let’s examine these questions.

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The idea behind the 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier is that by keeping a good level of air circulation through an electrostatic filter this unit can out perform the dust and pollen elimination capabilities of a more passive HEPA air purifier of the same size. As you would expect from such a unit it is 99.9% effective at removing airborne allergens. The electrostatically charged filter attracts dust, pollen and mold that more passive systems can let slip through. The 3M Filtrete Air Purifier is good at what it does.

Aesthetically, the 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier looks stylish and will fit in well with most home decor. Fortunately, the unit is quiet, perhaps on order with a small table fan on low, so it should not keep you awake in a bedroom setting. Using an air purifier in a bedroom is really the forte of devices like the 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier since it can help cut down on snoring by providing much needed sinus relief.

OK, now the not so good parts. Replacement filters for the 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier aren’t cheap. You’ll spend about $20 per filter plus any shipping charges. You’ll probably have to order them online since they’re rarely found locally. Since the lifetime of a filter in a house with pets is about a month this can really add up. It’s important that you weigh this ongoing cost into your buying decision. Another slightly annoying thing about the 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier is that it can get clogged with pet hair quickly, especially if you have a shaggy dog or cat. You’ll need to keep its intake clean very regularly to get the best performance from the 3M FAP02-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier.


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Comment by trade show booths
2008-07-08 17:41:38

hi Frank, I used to work for 3M, and we’ve been dealing with smoke from a nearby wildfire for the last few days, so I thought I’d click through and read your review. My first thought was one should buy anything 3M makes, because they make good stuff (it’s a bit more than off-brand items, but worth it in my book). However, reading that replacement filters are $20 and you may need to replace them monthly, well, that’s a huge negative. As usual, your reviews are in-depth and cover the important items, positive and negative. I hate to say it (being a fan of my former employer) but I wouldn’t buy this air purifier based on your review. ~ Steve

2008-08-01 15:21:53

Having a good air filter can greatly cut down on the amount of dust in a house and make a home much easier to clean.

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