Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System Review

As I had mentioned in a previously, there are several options that will allow you to wirelessly broadcast your music around your home, one such option being the Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System. Are these systems all that great or are they a barely acceptable way to broadcast your music from your iPod, PC or other audio source? Let’s take a look at some of these units and what they do…

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First of all, you need both a receiver station, such as the ACR212 Audiocast Wireless Audio Receiver, and a transmitter station, like the ACT211 Audiocast Wireless Audio Transmitter. These units, and others like them, connect using a 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). This helps insure a better quality of sound than FM transmitters but it also means having the slightly bulky unit at both ends.  Quality products in this frequency range should not get interference from microwaves, portable phones or baby monitors but poor quality ones are susceptible to radio frequency interference.

The range on these units is typically 100-150 feet (30-45 meters) through walls. This can be a stretching it in some houses or where there is exceptional interference. Connection to a sound source is through a standard mini-plug for most units although there are some that are proprietary or designed around a particular sound source like the Apple iPod. Another thing that you must bear in mind is that the receiving end will need a powered sound system too, such as a stereo system or boom box with an AUX or MP3 plug-in. Headphones generally won’t cut it. Controlling them is also a problem since you will have to go back to the transmitter base station to adjust the player that’s plugged into it.

All in all these units are a good way to transmit your tunes throughout your house but they do have their limitations. So, do you think a wireless system like the Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System is in your future?


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Comment by seo man
2008-06-04 15:31:53

Isn’t there a more up to date version that bounces sounds from walls and calculates the distances in your room?

Comment by jfc
2008-06-04 23:22:24

Hi Seo Man,

I think there are devices that will do this but this kind of wireless audio system is intended to be portable first.

2008-08-27 00:13:00

The Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System sounds as if it would be an excellent choice. I have been trying to locate a good wireless music system and I will have to at least investigate the Soundcast device to find out if if it’s a worthwhile addition to my home audio system. Thanks for this review.

2009-02-27 06:47:27

Really I didn’t undertstand why the wirelees audio system need.. what difference if I will use usual CD player instead?! What field of applying of this technology. Please explain me..

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