Hulu Usage Increases

I’ve been a fan of the Hulu video service since I first got on the beta for it last year. It’s been great catching up on new shows, like The Office and House, and old favorites, like Firefly and Babylon 5, for free using the Hulu service. Apparently others are enjoying it too since there were 63.2 million videos viewed on it in April. Of course this is a far cry from YouTube’s billions but it is significant for the new service.

Major advertisers have flocked to Hulu since it’s one of the few legal places where television viewers can locate recently broadcast shows as well as older, off-the-air, shows. The other option is to download them from legally questionable sources that vary in quality and risk malware infection or to buy a DVD when it’s available.

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What Hulu Could Do Better

Hulu could do some things better and the biggest of these is to offer their service to viewers outside of the United States. Hulu says that this is a top priority for them and rumor has it that they will have beta testing available in some European locations by the end of the year. Regional licensing and copyright issues are the problem here although rights owners are beginning to realize that there is considerable potential in the service.

The other thing that I would like would be for them to make more shows available, particularly older series. I would also like for them to make the expiration date of content clearer so that you can anticipate when a video is going to be pulled.

Have you tried Hulu? What did you think? If you live outside the US, are you looking forward to Hulu becoming available in your country?


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Comment by Wii Fit Accessories
2008-06-03 08:14:45

Hmmmm… i haven’t used Hulu yet, though i would love to check it out…. is it high quality resolution?

Comment by jfc
2008-06-03 08:22:16

Hi ‘Wii Fit’,

The resolution is very good, much better than the average YouTube video. It also does HD, sizing if not full HD resolution, on some shows which is a nice extra.

2008-08-12 20:50:37

I see you have some Hulu on your site here, so that is where I have tried it. Looks just like the Tube in quality, don’t you think?

2009-05-04 01:18:56

I’d love to try it but it is not yet officially available in my country -and running thru a proxy makes it too slow. The technology is not the problem with hulu video service - its the bloody copyright law!

Comment by Used Tires
2009-05-21 16:30:49

I love Hulu, I used it to watch a Full season of Burn Notice, a favorite TV show of mine, and that’s just awesome! The quality is high too, I hope this is a sign for the future, and more legal steams come to surface!


Comment by Led Trailer Lights
2010-01-02 18:32:25

I love hulu. I watch Fringe and Family Guy on there in HD quality.

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