Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit - Good Deal?

Having done professional swimming pool maintenance many years ago I was surprised to find out that maintaining pools today has become easier with innovative products like the Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit. This led me to wonder if this product was the best option out there today. Are there better choices, better deals, available to consumers. Is the Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit the best and most cost effective unit out there? There are plenty of choices when it comes to Salt Water Chlorinator Kits

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Apparently these units are self-contained chlorine generators so you don’t have to carry around dangerous and heavy buckets of chlorine if you use one. The slightly salinated water is sent through a electrolytic cell that produces the chlorine. This chemical helps prevent nasty algae build up and kills off most germs and viruses.

Another advantage of this system is that it is low cost. It only will run you a few bucks a month to use.

Lastly, you won’t have as strong a chlorine presence in your pool. This will make your swimming experience more comfortable. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of a salt water swimming pool.

If you own a pool, have you considered or do you use a device like the Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit?


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Comment by Dinheiro
2008-06-03 17:27:14

Frank, i think you should delete the pinback in this article, it’s not a very good neighbourhood for links

Comment by jfc
2008-06-03 18:44:44

Thanks for the heads up Dinheiro.

Comment by jfc
2008-06-11 16:30:17

Just a quick addition.

There was this statement about this article which was part of a post published on another blog that doesn’t allow unregistered users to comment on their site.

ummm guess what…. 100 pounds of salt weighs just as much as 100 pounds of chlorine… you will be carrying plenty of salt to your pool… so that won’t fly.

My point in my article was that chlorine requires much more careful handling and storage than does salt. It’s more difficult to carry around and store “heavy and dangerous” than “heavy and harmless”.

Of course, even with the Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit you will still need to perform normal pool maintenance and testing. You will just have a less mucking about with large quantities of volatile chemicals like chlorine. The main thing that you will get out of a salt water pool is a more enjoyable swim.

2008-07-11 04:23:20

Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit or similar are very common in Australia: as we went from camp ground to camp ground we found more often than not the pools were salt water because the chorination is so much easier. Chlorine is a nasty chemical to store, and expensive I believe so I think the Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit has a great future Lissie

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