Sandisk Sansa 1GB Shaker MP3 Player Review

SanDisk Sansa 1GB Shaker - Red

Here’s a neat little device I just ran across and a great deal too, the SanDisk Sansa 1GB Shaker for just $10 if you use Google Checkout

I’ve bought some other inexpensive MP3 players. In fact, I prefer the cheaper players to the more expensive fancy ones. You don’t have to worry so much about them getting lost, stolen or damaged. And, because they’re less complex devices, they aren’t as likely to turn into an expensive paperweight.

The Sandisk Sansa 1GB Shaker is also kind of cool since it has a built-in speaker and 2 headphone ports. Of course, this adds to the size but it would make it a great choice for kids or for use in the car. It won’t be pocket sized but it does come with a lanyard and caribiner clip that makes it easy to clip on. The headphones that come with it don’t look too impressive but that is about par for the course with all factory earbuds, isn’t it? Another downside of the Sansa Shaker is that it only plays MP3 files, not WMA or AAC files.

It also has a SD memory card port so that you can increase the number of songs you have available at a very low cost. It uses a single AAA battery so you don’t have to worry about a special battery or charger pack. Sandisk players are usually good quality and they back their products well, even inexpensive ones.

Well, I’m ordering me one or more of these for myself today. A Sansa 1GB MP3 Player for just $10 is too good to pass up.

But, if you want to compare prices first, check these out…


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Comment by Tamila
2008-06-23 09:08:45

I have always been happy with my Sansa products. Having the speakers built in is especially nice for when traveling and staying in hotels. It looks a little large and I have found that the lanyards they send with the Sansa’s are a bit small in width. I usually buy a more comfortable and wider width lanyard to wear the Sansa while traveling. ID Badge Center has a selection of lanyards that may help with that if you find the standard one cutting into your neck.

Comment by jfc
2008-06-23 09:22:26

Hi Tamilia,

The Sansa Shaker is a bit larger than your usual pocket sized or clip on digital music player. It’s about the size of a small salt shaker, which I suppose is how they came up with the concept.

I gave the one I bought to my son and I’m going to keep using my Coby clip-on for now. I agree the stock lanyard is on the thin size. I’ll have to check out your lanyards and see if there is anything I can use.

Comment by Kris
2008-10-23 13:20:41

I love this sansa shaker.

Comment by savings
2008-11-05 11:18:55

Well,I have one(SanDisk Sansa Shaker 1 GB RED MP3 Player SD Card 1 GB) already and can testify that its a great product. I hope it lasts.

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