Crystal Skulls

With the new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, hitting the movie screens in a few days time, people are developing an interest in crystal skulls. What has attracted people to these artifacts over the years and what exactly is their allure?

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Crystal Skull Theory and Scams

As you’ll find in the movie, these skulls are reported to be from ancient pre-Columbian cultures that existed in South America. However, science has shown that all of the crystal skulls tested are of recent origin and aren’t fonts of mystical power. Of course, this doesn’t daunt the true believers in them. New Agers continue to seek them out and buy replicas or getting bilked thinking they’re receiving an ancient skull of power.

Trade in phony skulls has been going on since the rise of interest in the metaphysical during the mid to late 1800’s. Examination of these so-called artifacts revealed their true origins, jeweler’s shops in Europe. Later, other con men tried selling these now antique Victorian era skulls to the unsuspecting and gullible as true pre-Columbian antiquities.

New Agers, Science and Crystal Skulls

What is the power that New Age believers and the metaphysics before them attribute to these skulls? They believe that the skulls contain a center of psychic energy that will improve the holder’s life. Others claim that the skulls can be used for divination, just like crystal balls. Healing and other supernatural powers have also be ascribed to the skulls. However, scientific testing hasn’t shown that they’re responsible for any unexplainable phenomena.

Where science has been of value with the skulls has been in determining and authenticating how the skulls were made and when they were made. For example, engineers using the scientific method were able to conclude that the famed Paris Skull was of 19th century manufacture and could not have been made in pre-Columbian times in South America.

Where to Get a Crystal Skull

Where can you find a Crystal Skull for sale? You don’t have to go on a dangerous adventure like Indy to claim your own Crystal Skull. Crystal skulls are routinely made today for the New Age market and the general oddity collectors market. You can always find some in all price ranges being sold on eBay and in other online stores. Local New Age shops can also be a good source of these interesting items. 

Have you ever owned a crystal skull or thought about owning one?


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2008-05-20 20:48:19

Crystal Skulls are pretty awesome. It is sweet to know that you are a fan of them!

Comment by jfc
2008-05-20 20:56:06

Hi Crystal Skulls For Sale,

It’s good to know some people know how to take an idea and run with it. ;)

Comment by Warenwirtschaft
2008-05-23 16:43:27

Never heard of them before. But sounds interesting. I’ll just go to search the internet for more information. I think i’ll go for the replica, can’t afford the original :-(

Comment by jfc
2008-05-23 17:04:03

Hi Warenwirtschaft,

Some replicas of the original 18th century ones are pretty expensive. Quality crystal isn’t cheap. Since my wife is a part-time jewelery maker, sometimes I wish it was cheaper! :)

Comment by Crystal Skulls
2008-08-07 20:42:53

Very nice blog. I am doing a blog on crystal skulls as well. I do believe that crystal skulls have some magical power

Comment by jfc
2008-08-07 21:08:00

Hi Crystal Skulls,

You may want to check out my eBay Blogger template

Comment by Dennis Friesen
2008-11-08 03:02:52

Honestly, I never heard of the legend of the crystal skulls until this movie. However, after the movie was announced there were a few ‘documentaries’ on the Crystal Skulls’ legend. Unfortunately, those documentaries were better than the Indiana Jones movie. :(

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