Multiple Streams of Income

Fandango is one of the largest online ticket brokers. They primarily deal with movie theater tickets. In this video from Hulu and Dog and Pony, Fandango CEO, Chuck Davis, discusses the importance of multiple streams of income for an online business.

Three key points from the video are:

1. Successful online companies have multiple streams of income. For example, Fandango earns commissions from ticket sales as well as advertising on their site. This is important in case something goes wrong with one stream of income an online business relies on for income.

2. Having a revenue stream on your site that also satisfies a customer need is the perfect kind of content.

3. Search traffic is of critical importance. 90% of Fandango’s traffic is from search engines. This is in contrast to competitors who have to buy 70-90% of their traffic through advertising.

What are your thoughts on this topic of Multiple Streams of Income? Leave a comment and let me know.


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Comment by lissie
2008-05-17 02:34:20

I can’t see the video: I get a message saying that this video can only be streamed within the US! I thought China was the country big on internet censorship not the US !

Comment by jfc
2008-05-17 09:19:33

Hi Lissie,

You’re still being Akismet’ed.

Hulu is only available to the US. This is due to corporate censorship, not government. In order to secure advertiser support and television network executive support they had to limit the whole site to US audiences only. I think it’s a bad move on their part.

Hopefully they’ll open it up soon, particularly on clips like this one. Maybe getting a lot of non-US based hits will help them sell it to reluctant and clueless executives.

Comment by Todd in Hawaii
2008-05-18 01:10:25

Hi Frank,

I’m a big fan of multiple streams of income. The great majority of the extra money I make still comes from my candle business (mostly as the result of work I did about 4 years ago). But, for past 6 months or so, I’ve really been branching out. I have BANS sites, Adsense blogs, a local niche blog, and a “flagship” blog. At some point in the future, I’d also like to find a way to earn some extra income from my photography, and maybe even do a bit of theme design work.

BTW, I owe you a bit of thanks for a few of those streams. Over the past few months, I’ve definitely picked up more than a few useful tips right here at OpTempo.

I appreciate you.


Comment by jfc
2008-05-18 08:45:21

Thanks Todd,

Developing multiple streams of income is quite important. That fact was brought home to me during the dot-com-bust.

I’m glad I was able to help you with some of my tips.

Comment by loans
2008-05-24 11:32:53

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2008-05-30 22:19:52

I made over $2,500 in April from over a dozen alternate income streams.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-31 19:30:18

Thanks for stopping by ‘Dividends’

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