Link Luv Post Builder

Link Luv Post Builder is the first in a series of content building applications I’m developing. It is now available for purchase. Read more to see what it can do for your niche and trend blogging efforts.

What is Link Luv Post Builder?

Link Luv Post Builder

This program is designed to read a variety of RSS feeds, such as Google Blog Search and many news site feeds, and help you build a “link luv” aka speedlinking post from this information. All you have to do is give it your keyword and it will find the matching blog posts and news articles.

Link Luv Post Builder - Keyword and Feed Selection

You then check off the articles you want to include or have the program randomly select some for you.

Link Luv Post Builder - Selecting Links

Next, you click on the Generate Post button and your article template appears below in both raw HTML and Web Preview formats.

Link Luv Post Builder - Generated Article

You can then copy the HTML code and paste it directly into the WordPress HTML editor or into any other editor. Or, you can select and drag and drop from the Web Preview panel into the WordPress Visual editor, Windows Live Writer or just about any other editor, web or desktop, that accepts drag and drop content.

Want to create a new post? Just uncheck your selected links and pick some more.

You can also save the links for your keyword to disk and reload them later if you want to do so.

Lastly, you can edit the feed sources if you wish on the Feed Sources tab. These feeds are in XML format and it’s relatively easy to add new feeds simply by adding a line for the feed you wish to add. If you aren’t sure, just ask and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Link Luv Post Builder runs under and has been tested with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Why Link Luv Post Builder?

Link Luv Post Builder can help out your blogging efforts in a number of ways.

1. It is difficult to put together good posts for link cluster blogs over the long term. Link Luv Post Builder makes it easy for you to create keyword targeted speedlinking posts. Plus, since it includes links to authority sites such as CNN or ESPN, it can give your supporting blogs more legitimacy in the eyes of the search engines.

2. Who doesn’t get writers block from time to time? If you need to write a post for your flagship blog and are short on ideas, Link Luv Post Builder can help you put together a quick speedlinking post or perhaps spark some ideas for a full blown original post of your own.

3. If you’re trying out trend blogging, the blogging method of following trends in the news, Link Luv Post Builder can help you bring in links related to the most recent news events.

4. Link Luv Post Builder can help you get links through trackbacks. When you have WordPress setup to do this, when you post a link to another site, it will create a trackback comment on the blog who’s link you included in your post. Of course, this is subject to the blog owner’s approval of your trackback so make sure your content is of value.

IMPORTANT: Don’t use this software to splog or spam! Make sure you edit the post to include your own content before and after the links and even in between the links. Take the time to visit the sites in question, particularly other blogs, so that you understand what their article was talking about. I strongly recommend only using this program as a writing and research aid to help you put together quick speedlink posts and that your blog also contains other meaningful content. 


How To Buy Link Luv Post Builder

Link Luv Post Builder is $27 USD. This price includes support and access to updates. You can pay via PayPal using the button below. After paying you will be redirected to your download link immediately.



If you have any payment problems or problems with the installation or just questions about the program, feel free to email me at support - the ‘at’ sign -


If you want to try it before you buy it, you can download the demo version of Link Luv Post Builder. The demo version does not allow saving of list of links or editing the feed sources. It also only allows you to generate 3 posts or link searches per run of the program.

Why the Low Price?

One of the frustrations I’ve had with the online software market, and I’d guess others have as well, is that most blogging software applications start at about $47 with the majority going for prices like $97, $147, $197 or more. A program that is similar to Link Luv Post Builder that has less functionality sells for $67 for a lite version. Why is the price so high for what, at the core, are very simple utility applications?

The answer is overhead.

The largest part of this overhead is that these programs are sold through affiliate marketing operations. This insures more sales but it also insures a higher price for the program. Affiliates and brokerage companies like ClickBank make more on the sale of the product than does the original developer or promoter. This effectively doubles or triples the price of the software.

What I’m doing is cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings on to you. Now, I could have gone the ClickBank route and sold this program, Link Luv Post Builder, for $67 or even $97. I could have setup a cheesy landing page complete with Internet Marketing cliches. Instead of making you pay for all that and then you trying to finagle a ’self-buy’ refund from ClickBank, I’m passing the savings directly to you when you purchase.

Oh, and while there is no affiliate program for Link Luv Post Builder at this time I am offering a bonus for anyone who writes a good review for it on their blog and links to this post. The bonus is a big package of PLR articles and mini-web site templates. Just make sure that you trackback to this post or use my contact form to let me know so that I can tell you how to download it.

Have Questions?

If you have a question about Link Luv Post Builder, please ask in a comment below.


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Comment by Emma
2008-05-15 21:09:35

Darn it Frank. I just bought Utility Poster. Your software sounds better and cost less. Plus I like to support fellow BU members. Maybe I’ll see if I can return Utility Poster and give it a shot. Great idea, I’m sure you’ll sell a lot. Emma

Comment by jfc
2008-05-15 21:24:46

Hi Emma,

You can download the demo version and give it a side-by-side try out and see what you think. The demo does have a few built-in limitations but it should give you a feel for the program.

Comment by Sara
2008-05-15 23:05:47


I knew there was a reason why I hadn’t bought a comment posting program. This will help with that, save me tons of mtime on my weekly Trip Around the Blogosphere post, help me find new material…

…the list goes on and on. I am going to purchase right after I post and you can expect a recommendation on my blog after I play with it for a few days.

With the overall usefulness of this software, you could be charging a lot more.

Thanks again,
Pajama Professional

Comment by jfc
2008-05-16 06:14:21

Thanks Sara,

I had originally written the program for my own use to find news articles and extra links for BMD (Bookmarking Demon) runs. I improved the interface a bit for release and here it is.

I hope you find it useful.

Comment by Don
2008-05-15 23:46:59

Frank , thank you , wonderful tool for my niche blogs, and youre selling way too cheap

Comment by jfc
2008-05-15 23:59:25

Thanks Don,

I hope you find it helpful.

2008-05-15 23:51:36

wow, sweet program u got there frank! very useful in quickly creating backlinks and building ur link juice!

Comment by jfc
2008-05-16 00:01:22

Thanks for stopping by Anthony,

Comment by Robert
2008-05-16 03:18:18

Any chance of making it proxy-aware, so those behind restrictive firewalls can still use it? The demo version claims to run the searches but never returns any results.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-16 06:11:33

Hi Robert,

Technically, it should be going through whatever version of IE you have installed on your system, using its settings. Can you get to the feed addresses using IE?

Comment by Robert
2008-05-16 06:57:09

Yep. Ordinary browsing is fine, and I temporarily disabled the local machine firewall service, so it must be failing at the outbound proxy somehow. Is it possibly using a non-80 port? I know certain ports outbound are blocked (23,3389, probably a few others) but telnet, FTP and web are all fine.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2008-05-16 07:35:10

Thanks Robert,

It should be using port 80 from what I understand. I’ll do some checking and see if there is something else going on that might cause it to get blocked.

2008-05-17 00:28:33

[…] at OpTempo has created some really awesome software and is selling it at a rock-bottom price. With Link Luv Post Builder you can create a large list of related posts in seconds and, in a few more seconds create a linking […]

2008-05-17 21:52:41

[…] range of people and it really pays for itself in the time it will save you. You can read more and Purchase Link Luv Post Builder at the link. I wrote an in-depth review on my other blog here: Five Reasons (and then some) to […]

2008-05-17 22:31:30

Crap Frank. I have to echo what Emma started this off saying. I would have gladly purchased this over Utility Poster. Your timing sucks. I tried out the demo and it’s pretty slick. I decided to go ahead and support your efforts and made the purchase. Heck I suppose there is no harm in using both to create a blog post, huh?

Comment by jfc
2008-05-17 22:56:07

Thanks Splork,

Sorry, I didn’t know about Utility Poster until I saw your post about it a week or so ago. At that point I was trying to decide if I was going to go the ClickBank route or the DIY route with Link Luv Post Builder. I decided to go the low key DIY route with it for now.

Comment by Todd in Hawaii
2008-05-18 01:14:53

Hey Frank,

This looks very cool. If by some chance you ever come out with a Mac version definitely shoot me a line. Ugh, one of these days I really need to do the whole dual boot thing, and put windows on this laptop.


Comment by jfc
2008-05-18 08:51:49

Hi Todd,

I may try to develop some software using Mono which would allow me to build cross-platform applications. The only problem is I don’t have a Mac or Linux system to test on.

Another option is to go 100% web based using either ASP.NET or PHP. The problem there is that all of the processing load is placed on the server and hosting companies don’t care for that too much.

2008-05-18 09:58:32

[…] up Frank’s tool from Optempo which is every bit as good, if not better, for $27. I purchased Link Luv Post Builder anyway. Frank decided to be low key about the release and not use affiliates and Crapbank and all […]

Comment by zania
2008-05-19 09:15:42

Hi Frank,
I’ve just purchased Link Luv Post Builder and I’m trying it out right now. It works great!
I held off from buying Utility Poster and I’m glad I did now.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-19 10:53:40

Hi Zania,

I hope you find the program useful. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Comment by RT Cunningham
2008-05-19 14:34:56

Damn. I wish I had the $27 in my account to buy it right now. Guess I’ll have to wait. :-(

Comment by jfc
2008-05-21 12:55:43

Hi RT,

You can always download and use the demo version. ;)

Comment by Scotch
2008-05-19 16:33:39

Hi Frank,

I’ve downloaded the demo version and it’s bringing up plenty of links to relevant posts. Hope though you can help me with advice about how best to use the links.

Say I have a surfing blog and create a category called “Surfing News”. I find four or five relevant links (using the full version) that fit my news category. Would I then create a new post called something like “Today’s surfing news” and simply paste in the links and content snippets? Then next day (or a couple of days later) do the same, ie create another post headed “Today’s surfing news” and paste from LLPB? (I’m using WordPress, so not sure if it’s possible to create multiple posts with the same title).

When you day you strongly recommend using the program as a writing and research aid, would the above usage be acceptable provided there was plenty of other, original content? Or should one add some original content before/after the links even if trackbacks are not enabled?

Many thanks,


Comment by jfc
2008-05-19 21:28:16

Hi Scotch,

What you don’t want to do is create post after post with just the links and excerpts and none of your own content. You’ll want to at least include a good lead in paragraph and closing paragraph. If you don’t do this you’ll look like a scraper and you don’t want that.

Also remember that you don’t want the quoted material to account for more than 30% of the total text in the post. If it’s more than that the chance that your post will be flagged for duplicate content increases. I recommend breaking it up between quoted blocks and just links to get the most effective mix.

I’ll try to do another article on this in the next few days.

Comment by Scotch
2008-05-19 16:36:39

Sorry, should be “When you SAY…” in final para.

Comment by Scotch
2008-05-20 04:08:39

Thanks Frank - now have a much better understanding of how the software should be used and what you mean by a “writing and research aid”.

2008-05-20 08:44:29

Hi Frank. I THINK I understand what this is and how to use it, but I’ve been awake a LOOOONG time, so I look forward to that 2nd article and looking everything over with a clear head, but it looks like a very powerful way to be in the right place at the right time with your content.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-21 12:59:34

Hi Dave,

If you look at my Tang Bomb article it was created by using the tool. I pulled in related articles and wrote my own original content based on it.

Of course, another way to use it is just as a straight up linking article. I’ll cover a bit more in a follow-up article.

Comment by temps
2008-05-21 00:20:06

downloading the demo version for a trial. sounds like a great program and ya is way too cheap compare to the others ive been seeing.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-21 13:00:25

Thanks Temps

I hope you find it useful.

Comment by condoms
2008-05-21 00:24:00

omg! thats a wonderful price for such a program. im so lucky, i nearly bought another similar program. phew safe lots of dollars here. thx mate.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-21 13:01:49

Thanks ‘condoms’,

You’re welcome.

2008-05-21 02:10:26

[…] I did buy one product recently, it’s the Link Luv Post Builder made by Frank, who writes Op […]

Comment by Costa
2008-05-22 21:28:50

Hi Frank. Been sometime since I came here. Been sometimes since I blogged too! I got sort of disillusioned for a little while and was on the verge of selling off my blog but then had a change of heart. Made peace with myself now and I have a clearer direction between blogging and making money online, so I have given the blog a revival. LOL.

This sure is one tool that niche bloggers can use. Can it be used to write content for BANS sites too?

Comment by jfc
2008-05-23 11:15:23

Hi Costa,

Sometimes it’s good to take some time off to work on other projects or to just refresh. I didn’t post a lot for a few months while I built up some other sites.

I suppose you could use it to do some research on products for BANS site blurbs although it’s really better at trend following and link building.

Comment by slippers
2008-05-23 10:44:50

wow.. nice article. I wish I had actually read it rather than leaving this comment spam. I guess I should be glad you didn’t Akismet me and only deleted my link.

keep it up mate, looking forward for more great stuff from your blog so that I can spam it.

good luck

Comment by Warenwirtschaft
2008-05-23 16:38:54

Amazing software. I always hated the copy and paste approach.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-23 17:01:25

Hi Warenwirtschaft,

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have any questions.

Comment by loans
2008-05-24 11:32:10

great article, thanks for sharing it with us.
looking forward to spamming your comments even more.
That is if I have good luck and nobody sends me to Akismet if I keep it up.

Comment by Houseboat Rentals
2008-05-26 10:14:29

I sure cannot wait to start making money to get this one.

Frank, on the Tang Bomb article did you rewrite the whole article? I do not see any links pointing to credit the source. Do you have a post where you have use just the original content from Link Luv where you are getting the trackbacks? Or are you only using this for content material?

If it is for Link Luv, would you not want to include source?

Guess I am confused (go figure!) as to how to get the most value from this. I looked for a follow up post but could not find it.

I’ll Be Back!


Comment by jfc
2008-05-26 10:40:06

Hi Denise,

There are three basic ways I use this tool.

First, you can use it to research other blogs in your niche to put together a basic speedlinking post. This can be an effective way to get others to link to your niche blog, particularly if they’re doing more social blogs. Of course, this kind of post is to build links, not capture search traffic.

The second method is to research news articles to build your own article on a hot topic. This is what I did with the Tang Bomb article. I just pulled in news sources and wrote my own aggregated article. This is what local news writers for TV and newspapers often do.

The third is to add more legitimacy to a link cluster blog. It looks suspicious for you to link to the same blogs over and over again from a cluster site. However, if you include links to recognized authority sites, such as news sites or Wikipedia, this makes your cluster blog look more legit. It’s the same principle as including other sites in your Bookmarking Demon runs.

Comment by Houseboat Rentals
2008-05-27 20:42:30

Do you have a post on speedlinking? I am not sure what that phrase means.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2008-05-27 20:50:09

Hi Denise,

It’s just a post with several links to other blogs with the intention of, hopefully, exchanging links and boosting referral traffic. I did them when I was kicking off this blog but I stopped doing them back in November. They’re in the category Some Links.

Comment by Work At Home
2008-05-26 16:30:22

Hmm…without the cheesy very long sales page, I don’t know what to think. How are we supposed to make a decision of whether to buy without you leading us down a path of half truths and general BS? :)

Comment by jfc
2008-05-27 00:04:53


You’ve been Akismet’ed again. :(

Yes, I do need to create a landing page where I can have testimonials that say that you can make $1000 a day with this software. I also didn’t use any yellow highlighting or Camtasia videos or even a faux software box. You can tell I’m not an experienced digital products marketer. :)

2008-05-27 22:07:06

[…] do I think there are thousands and thousands of them? Well, with Link Luv Post Builder , I only found the latest ones, but most of these seem to have been started in the last day or so. […]

Comment by CBM
2008-05-29 18:09:31

Hello I really would like to purchase this but I’m on a Mac. Maybe I’ll have to invest in a program running on windows. Can you recommend a similar program that runs on Mac? Thanks.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-29 19:52:07


I don’t know of one that will run on a Mac at this point. I’ve been looking into Mono, which is a cross-platform .NET software development tool, but it has some limitations that I’ll have to understand more completely before I develop desktop apps using it.

I’m also considering doing web based applications like this that would be usable on PC, Mac and Linux but I’ve got to find the right hosting and come up with a good sales plan for that.

2008-05-30 12:26:38

[…] Vic on May 30, 2008 in Tools Link Luv Post Builder is a content building application developed by Frank Carr at This content building […]

Comment by Leo Dimilo
2008-05-30 14:38:54

Hey Frank,

I actually just purchased this and my initial impressions are good. I actually was using trackboost (which is $197) and this is a much cheaper version of this. The one big difference is that the interface isn’t as slick but at nearly $170 cheaper, it is something I can live with.

Real quickly, does this software offer a trackback solution or do you have to do it all manually?

I will definitely be reviewing this shortly….

Comment by jfc
2008-05-30 15:18:47

Hi Leo,

If there are some improvements you would like to see in the user interface I would like to hear about them. That would give me some ideas to use to do further improvements.

The trackbacks are manual at this point. I’m going to be examining some ways to add this functionality in the future.

2008-05-30 21:31:31

[…] you are into trend blogging Link Luv Post Builder is the content software you are looking for. This is a content generating tool that gathers RSS […]

Comment by Leo Dimilo
2008-05-31 12:25:02

The one thing that I really like with Trackboost that would be on my link luv wishlist would be the ability to have the option to “no follow” the links. Right now, as it stands, I have to edit the html to have this work and it is almost too much work to worry about it.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-31 13:47:15

Thanks Leo,

I’ll certainly consider adding the option to follow/nofollow the links on a group or single basis for the next release.

2008-06-23 10:07:58

[…] simple and I won’t do any affiliate deal. I prefer to keep the cost down like Frank did with Link Luv Post Builder. I had 2 possibilities once it was […]

Comment by Hostmonster
2008-06-24 21:46:31

Wow this is an awesome piece of software

Comment by Lin
2008-07-13 11:34:56

I’ve just purchased this Frank, and I’m so excited to check out all it can do for me. It sounds amazing and will hopefully help in reducing the amount of time I spend searching for relevant articles to link to.

P.S. Is there a way for you to use some special coding if necessary for people to subscribe to comments? That would be so wonderful if you could. :)

Comment by zania
2008-08-15 01:10:06

Hi Frank,
I’ve been using Link Luv Post Builder and it’s great!
I uased it yesterday, no problem, but today it’s not working.

All I get is a long error notice.
(I got a windows update today, don’t know if that’s anything to do with it…)
I could post the error notice here, but it’s a bit long.
I’m posting this message here though in case anyone else is having similar problems..

2008-09-02 05:25:57

[…] Thanks for visiting!Frank over at OpTempo has just released his content building program “Link Luv Post Builder“.  The program searches RSS feeds for keywords that you specify, returning matching blog […]

2008-09-17 15:34:35

[…] seem to matter to my SE listings. So yea, I’ll create BCW posts with a helping handful of link luv posting to a blog with nothing but Ebay and/or Adsense clicks. I’ll then use AWA to get […]

Comment by tanyaacatherine
2008-10-21 22:54:51

Link Luv Post Builder is the new content generating software and has created this software to help create content at warp speed. With Link Luv Post Builder, you can gather the latest information on the hottest trends. Link Luv Post Builder is a nice piece of work if you are trying to add a bit of different content to your blog posts.

2008-10-29 17:18:37

Hello Frank,
I bought your other software, Blog Content Wizard and now
I’ve just downloaded the demo and am going to actually purchase your program this evening. I was fascinated with what it can do. I just have one question:
Where it says [additional post lead in material] in the window on the right hand side - do I have to write in some of my own text? Sorry if this is a silly question.
Thanks for your software and the very reasonable prices. Veraz.

Comment by Busby SEO
2008-11-09 07:28:55

This looks very cool. Cannot wait to start making money to get this one. But, upss I have to wait payment from my affiliate before buy this one

Comment by partoba
2008-12-18 03:27:28

Damn, this is really an awesome tool to build backlinks. Consider to buy it.

Comment by phpBay Pro
2008-12-24 02:31:53

Link Luv Post Builder is a great program. One of the things I find it great for is the sheer number of spam postings targetting some of the phrases I am looking for. :) It’s only an issue because some of them are slightly further out there. Higher trafficked search terms have more actual content to be found, of course.

Comment by Lucy How
2008-12-26 06:07:06

Hey any Discounts are available?ws and do u have any affiliate program for this?

Comment by The Blogger Source
2009-01-21 10:27:12

With all the comments that seem to be positive I may look in to this.

Comment by Jhangora
2009-03-22 04:16:38

Seems a nice software though not useful for a personal blogger like me.

Comment by Vance
2009-04-07 00:21:23

I added a comment but something didn’t work and I got back to the empty comment page. Usually the comment should show with a note that it awaits moderation.

Anyway at the risk of repeating myself, sorry if that is the case, I think that the software is very useful but I wonder if there is any chance it would work on Mac. In the article it mentions only Windows XP and Vista.

Comment by jfc
2009-04-07 09:04:12

Hi Vance,

Sometimes the combination of this theme and the threading plugin don’t work quite right and you get a blank page. I deleted your duplicate comment.

The program is XP and Vista only. I’m considering doing a Mac/Linux version using the Mono Project platform but that’s still in the future. One thing I recommend for Internet Marketing Mac users is to buy a cheap desktop PC and hook it into their home network and access it using the Remote Desktop program. This will allow you to use IM programs, which are usually PC/Windows only, while freeing up your Mac for other tasks.

Comment by Brick Paver
2009-05-21 20:47:47

I will download this and give it try. Can I suggest that you put the Demo more prominently, it took my second time reading the post to find it. I had been thinking about whether this was out on the market.

Comment by Helse
2009-06-08 02:47:35

Pretty interesting.
I don’t understand a single bit of the code, but the program sounds very interesting, and chokinly cheap!

Peter helse

Comment by Link Degisimi
2009-07-25 07:18:52

You can download the demo version and give it a side-by-side try out and see what you think. The demo does have a few built-in limitations but it should give you a feel for the program.

Comment by Vera
2009-08-23 02:54:57

Frank , thank you, an excellent instrument for my blogs, and your selling way too cheap.

Comment by Marketing Man
2009-11-02 02:00:47

Hmmmm. I’m busy trawling the archives, and came across this post. It is always interesting to observe how successful things have been when looking back a year or so later. How successful has your Link Luv Post Builder proved to be?

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