During Vic’s live broadcast last night he had mentioned that adding an RSS feed to your BANS (Build a Niche Store) site was a good way to get links back to your site. Having the feed allows WordPress widgets like Comment Luv and other web services to see your feed and work with it. I had mentioned to Vic that I would put together a quick program to help people do this.

However, I found that someone had already put together a great way to do this using content directly from the BANS store. Rochelle at has this post entitled How to Add a Single RSS Content Page to Your Site that has the PHP files and step-by-step instructions on how to set this up. If you have BANS sites up and running you need to check out some of the BANS modifications Rochelle has available, including some really useful SEO mods.

Well, I was going to write a quick program to do this but, with this solution from Niche Store Strategies, I don’t see a need to do it now.


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2008-05-14 20:17:33

Thanks this is helpful - its hugely frustrating when I can’t get online at the right time and he does live without recording :-(

Comment by jfc
2008-05-16 08:25:11

Hi Lissie,

Somebody Akismet’ed your comments so they’re getting caught by the filter. See my post on it, Akismet - Heading Toward Failure, for info on how to get reinstated. I’d suggest waiting until you have your contest blog where your posting on it before requesting re-inclusion though. And bear in mind that some people out there don’t like Vic and will Akismet even legit comments from the Blogger Unleashed domain.

Best of luck with the contest.

Comment by April of Scotland
2008-05-19 14:16:50

I know that there are people like Andy Beard who are spamming people’s legit comments just because they don’t like the look of their site. They don’t seem to realize that not everybody has a personal blog that gets posted to 3 times a day.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2008-05-19 14:23:45

Hi April,

It goes back to what Vic has said many times, some bloggers are selfish (rhymes with witches and ditches).

Comment by Leo Dimilo
2008-05-14 23:55:43

You know, there is an easier way to create BANS stores without spending the $97 to make one…answer….Joomla! And since you are suddenly using a CMS to create BANS, you don’t need to spend all that time parsing code into root directories or any of that other mumbo jumbo. Anyway, just a heads up.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-15 08:16:36

Hi Leo,

The URL you posted was incomplete. If you post another comment I’ll edit this one to correct it.

It’s true that there are several different options, free and paid, when it comes to creating sites that use the eBay Affiliate Network. I use several of them although I haven’t used Joomla! for one. It really comes down to what system a person is the most comfortable working with.

Comment by Robert
2008-05-16 02:41:25

I like phpBay with WordPress better than BANS. BANS is nice for initially setting up all your store pages (but without content) in nice categories, but I’m pretty disappointed in it for just about everything else, and the support is abysmal. I’ve seen a few people writing about it, but aside from one guy, most of them don’t seem to really know the product, programming stuff, or marketing well, but are passing on tips they heard here and there.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-16 08:35:57

Hi Robert,

BANS is one of the hot topics right now in the “Make Money Online” world. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon with varying degrees of success and trouble. But, as you indicated, it’s only one solution for working with the eBay affiliate system.

2008-05-20 09:16:37

I just want to say thanks for the RSS info.
And I got Akismet-ed too and it took a couple of weeks to get out, I and a friend just had to keep unspamming my comments on my own blog and hers and until it retrained.

Anyway, I read 3 post over here and all three were rock solid!

Comment by jfc
2008-05-20 16:18:26

Thanks for stopping by Dave,

Akismet can be untaught, sometimes. Generally it’s faster to go fill out their request form and let them know about the false positive.

2008-05-31 03:33:36

[…] RSS Feed For BANS | OpTempo - The Theory of Accidental Excellence in Practice Fantastic Program (tags: Program)     Read More | Trackback URL    […]

2008-07-13 14:52:29

I hadn’t heard of this solution for getting an RSS feed for my BANS sites before (Vic’s chats are/were often at bad times of day for me) but it looks extremely helpful. Thanks, I’ll pop over now and take a look.

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