Firefox Vietnamese Language Pack Malware Warning

Firefox Vietnamese Language Pack Malware Warning

A malicious program warning was issued by Mozilla on Wednesday for the Vietnamese Language Pack for Firefox 2. The malware in question was the Xorer Trojan, a malicious program that inserts adware code as the user visits websites.

Anyone who downloaded the Vietnamese Language Pack for Firefox 2 since Feburary 18th of 2008 received an infected copy of the plugin. Unfortunately, the Mozilla virus scan did not detect the problem until recently, several months after the initial upload. Mozilla says that the pack has been downloaded nearly 17,000 times. Of course, if you didn’t install this language pack you’re OK. If you did, you’ll need to disable this plugin and wait for an uninfected replacement pack.

Developers at Mozilla suspect that the developer of the pack had their system or local network infected by this trojan virus. This in turn infected the plugin’s code. According to sources, the malware causes an annoying banner to be displayed but is unable to propagate itself onto other systems or programs’ code. This particular piece of malware works by inserting in a bit of Javascript into HTML files. Mozilla is in the process of adding additional virus scans to their software to prevent something like this in the future.

Problems like this happen from time to time because, yes, even software developers will get a virus or trojan program on their systems. That’s why you should be careful even with commercial software.

Is your virus software up to date? Did you download this language pack? Are you concerned about getting malware from downloading plugins for Firefox or other programs you use? Leave me a comment and let me hear from you on the topic of malware.


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2008-05-09 00:40:56

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Comment by All About Nothing
2008-07-20 03:48:57

Yes, I’m always very concerned about downloading plug-ins and language packs, particularly from Firefox.

Given the large number of people who can and do developed for Firefox, it is not unlikely that occasionally a problem will slip through. It certainly doesn’t stop me using it — Firefox is streets ahead of the competition, but I am conscious that there are some risks involved.

But gosh knows, Microsoft software isn’t exactly free of risks either!

Comment by Chief Surgeon
2008-07-27 10:32:21

My personal experience is that this is an unusual occurrence. Mozilla software has generally been very reliable and secure. Unlike Bill Gates and his Internet Explorer problems.

Becoming infected from any downloads is something to be avoided. But you are at a far greater risk from malware payloads attached to filesharing network downloads than from Firefox plugins - generally.

Comment by Asan
2008-07-28 04:55:09

In answer to your questions: Yes - my virus software is up to date; I did download the language pack and I am very concerned that I might have downloaded malware with plugins.
It is essential that those posting components that will be used by lots of people - check the files thoroughly before making them available.

2008-07-30 15:31:13

Although I can read Vietnamese, I am not going to use this language pack. Thanks God!

Comment by DStudioBali
2008-08-11 16:32:20

Virus everywhere now. duhh

And I’m totally agree with this All About Nothing said :”But gosh knows, Microsoft software isn’t exactly free of risks either!”

2008-11-12 22:59:23

There is a neat plugin for firefox that allows you to scan a file before you download it to your pc. I believe it’s called “anti-virus link checker” or something like that. How effective is it? Wouldn’t know. I use AVG and ZoneAlarm and am pretty confident in the efficiency of those 2 programs. Knock on wood. :)

Comment by Yo SEO
2008-11-25 13:52:00

I got a new laptop with Vista installed earlier this year and even though it also has Norton Antivirus on it I have still found weird stuff getting onto my machine that really should not be able to get there!

But that’s not even the bad news. The really bad news is Vista! It’s a total nightmare and has caused me all kinds of problems since day one, mainly due to programs that run fine on XP etc not running at all on Vista.

My advice is.. Don’t upgrade to Vista!

Comment by jfc
2008-11-25 14:21:14

Hi Yo,

On Vista, the typical problems are unsupported hardware drivers and software that needs admin level access to run. Both of these are security measures added to Vista and things that the *nix community have faulted Microsoft for a lot in past. When they put in the extra security, which was needed, guess what? People complain because things don’t work under Vista.

I predict if they ever make IE standards compliant it will break so many websites that people will complain about that too.

Microsoft just can’t win.

Comment by Dewaji SEO Test
2009-01-03 12:23:29

I thought Microsoft software is exactly free of risks

Comment by Earn Passive Income
2009-02-16 19:58:33

I make it a policy not to download something until its been around for a while and not only has the malware been identified but also the plain ordinary bugs!

Comment by Malware Removal Bot
2009-09-15 13:12:04

you are 100% right…

Comment by Moving House
2009-02-17 00:53:01

Updating software is such a pain in the backside! It really annoys me the amount of time I spend updating/upgrading/software - especially the free stuff - some developers just love to fiddle imho!

2009-06-02 16:13:54

I ran into a problem similar to this one the other day. Firefox asked me to install Adobe Flash Player, even though I already had it installed. I did it and ended up with this XP Antivirus all over my computer. Someone needs to fix this junk.

Comment by Malware Removal Bot
2009-09-15 13:11:28

The typical problems are unsupported hardware drivers and software that needs admin level access to run. Both of these are security measures added to Vista and things that the *nix community have faulted Microsoft for a lot in past.

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