Collecting Neon Signs

Collecting Neon Signs

I was surprised to find out just how popular collecting neon signs has become. I started looking into this phenomena right after seeing an episode of NBC’s The Office where Michael and Jan bicker about a St. Pauli Girl Neon Beer Sign. It turns out that collecting neon signs, particular beer signs, is a popular hobby. Some people even do it on a huge scale and have neon sign graveyard made up of old signs the original owners were discarding.

What Neon Sign Collectors Should Look For?

First of all a neon sign buyer should make sure that the sign is actually a neon sign and not one that’s similar made of Fluorescent bulbs. These signs look neon like but aren’t as durable or as beautiful as the real thing. However they will be cheaper than the real thing.

Remember that photographing neon signs is tricky and sometimes the trickster is behind the camera. Look for photos take in natural light and using close ups.

Another thing to understand is that real neon bulbs are expensive because the process of making them is much higher than it is for fluorescent bulbs. If you’re paying a low price you probably aren’t buying a real neon sign.

Lastly, make sure that the seller of the neon sign knows how to properly ship a neon sign and that they will offer to insure your purchase in case of accidents during shipping.

Where to Get Neon Beer Signs?

Well, it’s obvious isn’t it?


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Comment by Link Building Bible
2008-05-08 20:39:40

It would be sweet if your blog makes you super rich, to get a neon sign of your logo to hang up in your office.

Comment by James
2008-05-08 23:39:32

Sounds like your giving away yet another great BANS niche to me :-)Thanks!

Comment by jfc
2008-05-08 23:57:34

Hi James,

As I had mentioned in some earlier posts, hobby and collectible niches are some of the better ones to target with BANS.

2008-08-15 00:04:20

Neon signs are so cool. I would like to have a neon sign of my favorite skateboard logos. I would like to have a t-shirt with neon on it. Wonder if that is possible.

Comment by Cindy N.
2009-01-17 11:57:47

Hi, I’ve been trying to track down a neon “chop suey” sign to display in an exhibit and was wondering whether you know or could refer me to someone who knows any collectors or museums potentially owning one. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Comment by jfc
2009-01-17 12:21:02

Hi Cindy,

Of course, new items pop up eBay all the time but this is kind of a crap shoot if you’re looking for something very specific. You might also try searching on “restaurant sign” to find other listings.

There are online stores where you can have custom neon signs made for you but they aren’t all that cheap.

Comment by Moving House
2009-02-17 00:58:12

These are rather cool - I hadn’t thought to collect neon signs- the question is where of course to display them - though the beer neon signs would work well if you at a home bar or recreation room. Very cool

Comment by James
2009-09-22 06:56:12

I wonder if there are people who collect neons from particular businesses like casinos or strip clubs? Imagine some of the history behind them.

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