Chinese Drivers Borrow From James Bond

Chinese Drivers Borrow From James Bond

Chinese drivers are using technology to thwart technology by using a James Bond like device to switch their tag numbers and avoid detection. Police sources in Yangjiang say that over half of the cars caught by traffic cameras for speeding and other traffic offenses either cover up their license plates or use a fake plate.

The basic remote control device to do this 007 style flip cost about 800 yuan which is roughly $115 US Dollars. More complex versions are available that flip the numbers faster or provide more advanced options.

The enterprising salespeople who’re offering the devices say that the devices provide drivers an economical option compared to the high cost of traffic offenses in China, which can include license suspension and even confiscation of your vehicle. Police sources in Guangdong said that the chances of the automated traffic enforcement devices successfully ID’ing an offender using such a device were almost nil.

What are your thoughts about such James Bond 007 style devices in ordinary citizen’s cars? Would you use such a device to thwart automated traffic control systems?


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Comment by Link Building Bible
2008-05-08 16:38:28

This is hilarious… I always imagined inventing a garage door type device that could close down on my license plate whenever I needed it to…. but this seems like a much cooler version than whatever I imagined.

Comment by jfc
2008-05-08 16:47:28


I think local and state governments here in the US would crack down a lot harder on such a device than the Chinese government has. Here in Georgia, they passed a law against polarized or reflective license plate covers.

Comment by power_switch
2008-08-10 22:29:50

to crack down they would have to catch you first… with a slot machine type display in the tag area this would prove difficult.

i think it is cool as long as the oil slick and active weaponry didnt bring new meaning to, “road rage” O_O

2008-08-15 00:01:20

Way cool and I wish I would have invented it. I would be rich today if I had started a company making these. Wonder if it does both back and front plates?

Comment by Moving House
2009-02-17 00:55:48

Im surprised this hasnt caught on in Australia - the revenue gathering at red light cameras particulary is insane. People have been charged because they went thru a light to pull out of the wave of an emergency vehicle! Then they still got a convinction though the fine was waived - stupid!

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