Zebras on the Prowl in Metro Atlanta


It seems that zebras, yes, like the African horse-like animal pictured here, have been on the loose recently here in the Metro Atlanta area. Today, a zebra was found in a college campus building while a few days ago a young zebra was found wandering on a busy interstate highway. What’s up with these zebra sightings?

The Zebra Sightings

The most recent zebra was found in Seney Hall of Oxford College in Newton county Georgia, a semi-rural suburban locale on the eastern edge of the Atlanta metro area. Animal control officials struggled for a few hours to contain the animal, which can be dangerous if cornered. However, animal control officials reported that the zebra in question was rather friendly and must have been somebody’s pet animal.

At this point, nobody has come forward to claim the errant zebra. The school officials further speculated that the owner was in on the prank although they said it wouldn’t be likely that they would press charges since whoever put the zebra there obviously took precautions to insure it’s safety.

Oddly enough, animal pranks have been a long standing college prank in some Georgia colleges. In the 1960’s, some prankster put a prize cow in the same building at the college.

In the other incident earlier this month, a baby zebra was found grazing on the right-of-way of the very busy I-75 interstate highway south of Atlanta. He had apparently fallen from a vehicle and was then hit by another vehicle. Veterinarians from Auburn University were brought in to treat the wounded exotic animal. After a few rounds of surgery the baby zebra is said to be recovering nicely at a local animal welfare park. If you would like to help “Evidence” the baby zebra or other zoo and wild animals being rehabbed, visit Noah’s Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center and make a donation.

Zebras as Pets?

Surprisingly, some people keep these ungulates in captivity as farm animals or pets. While they are known for being difficult to tame due to their being unpredictable as compared to horses, particularly when under stress, otherwise, they aren’t that different from caring for horses.

Zebras are bred in the US for a number of reasons including use in zoos and circuses and developing disease resistant hybrids between horses, donkeys and zebras. If you want to find out more about zebras and hybrids see this site: International Zebra Zorse Zonkey Association (their website says welcome to 1998, BTW).

What do you think of keeping exotic animals, like Zebras, as pets? Leave me a comment and let me hear from you.

To my regular readers, I know this is a little off-topic for me but I wanted to start including interesting news stories again here on OpTempo plus this incident happened only a short distance from where I live.

Update: Zebra Video


The owner of the zebra that was found on Emory‚Äôs Oxford campus, Curtis Jackson, is planning on pressing charges against the people who kidnapped his zebra and placed it on the third floor of the university’s Seney Hall. The zebra, who goes by the name ‘Barcode’, was returned to his owner shortly after animal control officers rounded up the equine. Jackson has told news organizations that he intends to press theft and criminal trespass charges against the still anonymous ‘zebra-nappers’.

As for Evidence, the injured baby zebra found on an Atlanta metro area interstate highway, Noah’s Ark reports that he has been removed from the critical list by Auburn University veterinarians. According to their web site, the baby requires a special milk formula that costs $75 a bucket!


It’s a year later and Evidence the zebra is thriving at his new home at Noah’s Ark and enjoys the company of a miniature horse. Read more about it here: Zebra found on I-75 thrives after rehab.


Sadly, ‘Barcode’, the zebra who went to college, didn’t fare as well as Evidence. Barcode and another zebra had to be euthanized after they were injured while in transit to a zoo. The two zebras were seized in December when state authorities determined that the owners did not have the proper permits to keep wild animals.


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[…] website dedicated to everyone in the Atlanta GA metro area’s favorite wild ungulate, the Zebra, namely the International Zebra - Zorse - Zonkey Association web site. Guys, please, it’s […]

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