Adding an eBay Sniplets to a WordPress Blog

eBay To Dump Commission Junction

If you’ve followed Vic and his protege Justin I know you’ve heard of BANS or Build A Niche Store. However, what if you already have a WordPress blog sitting around that’s got pages indexed but you want to add eBay listing to it for some reason? Or what if you want to add an eBay feed to your flagship blog. Well, Monika at The Writers Manifesto came up with a good tutorial article on how to do this to a WordPress blog: Creating BANS Clone Sites The Easy Way. I won’t rehash what she said but I thought I’d show you a couple of examples of how this works.

First of all, I put one of these here on OpTempo over in the sidebar, a vertical banner. Since OpTempo is very untargeted traffic-wise I went with two of the most untargeted eBay categories, “Weird Stuff” and “Other”. Within the eBay widget builder, or as they call it a Sniplet, you can narrow this down further by keywords and price ranges as it fits your particular site’s marketing strategy. As Monika mentioned, make sure that you enter you affiliate ID in the builder or else you’ll be advertising for eBay for free!

Adding eBay Sniplets to an Old Blog

Guitars On TV

Next, I decided to do another revamp of my Guitars On TV blog that I have mentioned earlier in this article: Revitalizing an Old Blog with Google Video Units. As Court recently suggested in his post, When Do You Give Up On A Niche Site?, I haven’t given up on this site even though it although it’s not been a good performer, making about $20 or so a month in Adsense. In case you’re wondering, adding the Google Video Units to it as I described in that earlier post didn’t help it perform any better. Also, I haven’t done much in the way of link building for it either, at least not yet. Anyway, it does have pages indexed and it does get a bit of long tail trickle search traffic.

To add the sniplet feed into the blog entries, I edited the “single post” template and placed the JavaScript code just before the “<div class=”post-content”>” section. I decided to show 7 entries here. On the home page, I did the same thing with the “page template” except I’m showing 25 entries there.

For now, I’m leaving Adsense on the site along with the eBay Sniplets. Yes, I know Vic, I should have one or the other. But, for now, I’m going to run a test a see which one does the best.

UPDATE: I recently removed Adsense and changed the color scheme of the Sniplet. These changes increased the CTR of the site considerably. Vic is right again!

Is It a BANS Replacement?

I’d have to say, “No, it isn’t”. BANS has a number of features that make it more usable and flexible, particularly to the person who isn’t that comfortable working with PHP and HTML and likes the time saving functionality found in this program. However, I do see several important possibilities for using the eBay provided Sniplet widgets.

First, if you have an existing niche blog that’s product oriented and it has pages indexed but it has lackluster Adsense performance, then it might be worthwhile to try the eBay Sniplet blocks instead.

Another possible use would be with Blogger Blogs or other hosting sites where BANS isn’t an option. If you’re short on cash this gives you a way to cash in on BANS like methods without having to spend any money. I’ll probably give this method a try soon as some of my new Blogger niche blogs get a little age on them so that I can monetize them.

Lastly, it’s a possible option for monetizing a flagship blog since Adsense often does poorly on this type of blog and may get your entire account smart priced if you participate heavily in social networks like EntreCard or StumbleUpon.

What do you think? Do you think you might have an use for this method?


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Comment by jayjay
2008-04-05 18:51:21

I would also recommend readers check into a wordpress based Ebay plugin called phpbay, which is truely an alternative to BANS for those who prefer (self-hosted) wordpress blogging.

Comment by jfc
2008-04-05 20:15:44

Hi JayJay,

phpBay, as best I can tell, is a decent enough paid alternative if one wants the extra bells and whistles and wants to stay within the WordPress paradigm. There are also some other alternatives, free and paid, that can take the feed and plug it into WordPress or another site.

It really comes down to what you’re most comfortable doing and how much advantage a particular tool will give you for what you want to do.

Comment by Monika Mundell
2008-04-06 19:04:42

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the mention and the link. I have to give credit to Terry for this one though, since he actually told me about this and then I thought, what the…let others know too so they can then decide on whether they rather pay for the full bells and whistles or make do with a cheaper option.

Good to hear about that Plugin though too.

Comment by jfc
2008-04-07 10:09:06

Hi Monika,

Thanks again for your article.

I had seen that eBay was putting together widgets a few months ago but it was listed as coming soon at that time and I hadn’t checked back on it. Your article reminded me about them.

The neat thing about the Sniplets is that they’re easy to use and can be inserted into just about any site ranging from WordPress to Blogger to plain old HTML.

Comment by Living in Hawaii
2008-04-12 18:48:27

Hey Frank,

This is a great concept. I’ve owned BANS for a couple of months now, but I must be dumb, as I never did get the hang of building sites with it. It’s not a bad system, and there’s plenty of good tutorials out there. I’m just more comfortable with wordpress.

I’ve recently set up a couple of sites using this widget. What I like about it is, that using the keyword function, I can build almost unlimited pages/posts, and target a variety of keywords … and since I’ve left the blog function, I can still take advantage of some plugins I’m already comfortable with (All-in-One SEO, dagondesign SiteMap, Ping Optimizer, etc).

Plus, I can add content slowly over time … and if I do it as a blog post, the SE get pinged each time I add a new widget.

I don’t want to spam your comments with my links, but if you don’t mind I’d like to email you the two sites I’m working on, to see if you might be willing to give any constructive advice.

Thanks in advance,

Comment by Build a Niche Store
2008-10-18 12:04:04

Hey, great post! First time here and I can’t wait to read more from you. I have also subscribed to your feed as well.

I would not put to much faith into VICS teachings. Google started hitting BANS sites and BANNING them becuase there is no rweal value to the sites that were built.

Comment by jfc
2008-10-19 07:28:42

Well, I don’t think it’s such a hot idea to use a cookie stuffing redirect for StoreStacker as your comment link.

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