Blog Review: Prince of Wall Street

‘Prince of Wall Street’ requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, Prince of Wall Street.

So here’s the review…

What is Prince of Wall Street?

Blog Review: Prince of Wall Street

According to the about page ‘Prince of Wall Street’ is a senior at a prestigious northeastern university and has an affluent background. It doesn’t say much beyond that. As you might guess from the name, the blog is all about the financial world. Unless I’m missing something, the blog only has 31 posts at this time.

Site Design/Theme

The theme used on Prince of Wall Street is a black and white financial magazine look based on the Morning After theme that fits very well. The only splashes of color come from the numerous widgets and ads. It’s a 3 column theme with dual right side sidebars. Overall, it conveys a sense of high finance. The only distraction from this are the widgets.

I found navigation to be a bit on the weak side. While there aren’t that many posts right now, I highly recommend adding category listings and other clear navigational elements to enhance the usability of the site.

The number of widgets on the front page is rather high. I’d strongly recommend cutting these back significantly.

Monetization consists of Yahoo Ads, Kontera, a few affiliate offers and private ad sales. As always, I recommend dropping the Kontera unless it is producing very significant income. I also think the Yahoo ads are too far down the page to be effective. I’d recommend putting them more up front or otherwise dropping them from the blog.


As indicated by the overall theme, the content is all about finance. The mix is good with some very long articles and some rather short ones. The posting frequency is rather spotty but probably works given the length and depth of many of the articles.

In Money Never Sleeps Pal, ‘The Prince’ expresses his fan-hood of the movie Wall Street and the potential of ‘GG’ making another screen appearance.

So You Have An Interview? Do You “Get It”? and So You Want to Be An Investment Banker? are a good series on landing a job at financial service company. These are huge articles so be prepared if you decide to delve into them.

All About Resets in Housing as Numbers Get Worse talks about the current mortgage mess at length. Great news for me since I’m closing on a new house in 2 days. It made me glad I have a 30 year fixed loan.


The Prince of Wall Street has a good start toward becoming a good finance blog. The content is generally good, although often quite long. I’d recommend making some adjustments to the number of front page widgets and tweaking the advertising some.

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Comment by Bloggeries Forum
2008-02-04 23:23:57

Great review. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and always find it entertaining and informative like all good niche blogs should be!

Comment by RT Cunningham
2008-02-06 17:33:53

I did a blog review for the same blog in January, but I didn’t get into as much detail (I never do). I don’t much attention to widgets unless they’re glaring at me. It doesn’t matter now, though, because it looks like he’s removed a lot of the widgets.

2008-02-07 03:41:39

Thank you for the review. Many of your suggestions I have taken to heart. Thanks again.

Comment by jfc
2008-02-07 09:11:42

Hi Gordon, er, Prince,

I hope my review was helpful to you.

2008-03-24 22:27:17

[…] plan is to follow the examples at OpTempo (such as "Blog Review: Prince of Wall Street") and break each review into sections. I don't think I'll go as far as Bloggy Award […]

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