Product Review: Instant Article Wizard

Product Review: Instant Article Wizard

I’ve been advertising Instant Article Wizard for about a week or so and I’ve been using it a little longer than that, having built around 20 articles using it. A few people have asked me about this product and I thought I’d provide a review of this product to let you know a little more about it and how you can use it to write niche blog articles.

The Basics of Instant Article Wizard

Building BlocksInstant Article Wizard is a Windows program that runs on your PC that accesses a remote database that contains sentences related to thousands of keywords. After searching for and retrieving sentences related to your keyword, you then assemble these sentences into a base article by dragging and dropping them into an article template. You would then copy this article to your blog editor to polish it up for publication. You can view the video on their site to see exactly how easy this works.

The nice thing here is that you can use it to research things that you don’t know a lot about. This allows you to use it to come up with a decent article about your keyword(s). For example, I didn’t know a lot of about salmon fishing in Alaska when I started this article. It would have probably taken me several hours to go to various fishing and reference web sites and put together a passable article. However, using Instant Article Wizard it took me less than 15 minutes to go from finding the keywords to clicking the publish button.

Best Article Building Practices

Assembling the Puzzle PiecesOne important thing to note is that a raw article you build with Instant Article Wizard probably won’t pass the Copyscape test since the article will be cobbled together from sentences from several articles from various sources. I don’t recommend you use the raw article. Instead, take this article and treat it like you would a PLR article, doing a minor rewrite as I described in The Art of the Rewrite. I’d also recommend that you add in a few connecting sentences of your own and any ideas you might have as well. This will insure a good, if somewhat superficial, article, just right for niche blog articles.

Remember, you should be using the tool as a way to save you time doing research on a topic, not to weave an article together from other peoples’ words. If you use it as a research tool, this will get you the best results and will help you avoid duplicate content problems. If you just publish the raw articles, you may as well expect to be filtered for duplicate content and maybe even get complaints from time to time.

Some Downsides

The Bad SideWell, you know everything can’t be perfect. Here are a few problems I found:

1. The service can run slow at times when accessing the server. This could indicate that better optimization could be done on the server or some kind of local caching of data might help. I’ve had to do both these things with my web service applications that handled large encrypted medical records.

2. The guy behind Instant Article Wizard, Jonathan Leger, is an experienced Internet marketer. This means he knows all about building a list and using it and that means that you’ll be getting plenty spam and bacn autoresponder emails from him and his partners if you choose to opt-in. Of course, his emails sometimes contain some useful hints and tips so some of it might be worthwhile if you don’t mind even more stuff arriving in your crowded inbox.

3. I think the program could be improved a bit by allowing more sorting and filtering options and by allowing cut and paste to work normally inside of some of the text areas.

4. If you’re a Mac or Linux user you’re out of luck. I’d recommend Jonathan put someone on writing a web based PHP or Ruby on Rails version of program to open up that market and to allow web based access to the service for Windows users.

Is It Worth $67?

Is it worth it?Yes, I think it is. My job is developing software and I’ve developed web service applications similar to Instant Article Wizard for the medical and insurance industries. A custom program like this would typically cost a minimum of $30,000 to develop if you used skilled programmers and not the cheapest, lowest skilled, ones you could find. And that doesn’t include ongoing maintenance costs, only the initial development.

There’s a lot of value packed into that $67 since not only do they provide you with the program but it includes ongoing access to their article database service. Some companies doing similar things charge a monthly fee for access to the database. I hope that they never go in this direction or I’ll have to start coding something myself. 

When I look at the time saving it affords me both in terms of researching article content and in programming something similar my self, I thought it was well worth the price.

If you’re getting into niche blogging I recommend that you give this program a look. You don’t have to buy Instant Article Wizard using my affiliate link but I’d appreciate it if you did. But I think you’ll be missing out on a big timesaver if you don’t buy it and want to craft unique articles for your niche blogs quickly.


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Comment by Denise
2008-01-26 16:11:47

This is my first time here. I came over from Vic,s Blogger Unleashed. You have some great stuff here. I have used Instant Article Wizard before and did not care for it. I finally was able to scrape enough money together and get Content Composer, which I have great success with. It is a whole lot pricier (just under $300) but you get what you pay for. You do not get the usual article spinning like most of the other programs. But like I said it was costly.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-26 16:41:01

Thanks Denise,

What specifically didn’t you care for in IAW? Were they the things I mentioned in the article or something else? Something it was lacking?

I had seen Content Composer but the price had put me off. It takes a very good piece of software and one that I don’t think I can write in my spare time for me to spend more than $100 on it. The extra features might be worth it to some people though.

Comment by Denise
2008-01-26 17:18:55

I just felt that with the time it took to come up with the article through this method and then doing a rewrite I could have saved more time getting an already created article on the topic and doing a rewrite right from the get go.

This did not save me a great deal of time.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-26 18:32:31

Hi Denise,

It sounds like the extras were probably worth it to you. Thanks for your input.

Comment by Elliott
2008-01-28 04:07:52

Great review on this. I have been debating about getting something for my niche sites to speed up the article process. I have heard more bad about this than good due to the fact that you are basically putting the article together still.

I can agree though that it would save time for research, especially about niche topics you might not be familiar with.

Thanks for the writeup!

Comment by jfc
2008-01-28 07:33:21

Hi Elliot,

It is true that it lacks any kind of AI engine to construct and rewrite articles. But I’ve found using it beats digging around Google for sites on a topic I’m researching since I can put together a rough draft rather quickly.

It gets much better results than using a synonym based content spinner but I haven’t used Content Composer that Denise talked about. I’ll have to check it out sometime but it’s hard for me to shell out $300 on a piece of software. It’s like admitting defeat as a programmer. :)

2008-02-11 01:58:14

Thanks for the mention about Copyscape. I have noticed some of my content on other sites, but wasn’t sure how to go about finding more of it ….

After a quick $5.00 USD, I managed to find several dozen people who have pretty much cut and pasted entire articles on their site while taking credit or without mentioning a source :???:

Comment by jfc
2008-02-11 09:13:16

Hi Jason,

Copyscape is quite useful not only for finding out when someone is duplicating your articles but also in making sure that PLR articles you rewrite won’t get hit with a dupe filter and that articles you build with tools like IAW are unique.

2008-07-07 00:01:55

[…] Product Review: Instant Article Wizard | Money Saving Reviews … If you want to write quality articles really quickly and easily, consider downloading the latest version of Instant Article Wizard from the original source/author Jonathan Leger and be guaranteed to get the newest version, the best support and a genuine copy of Instant Article Wizard.Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

2008-07-11 12:04:32

[…] Read more… If you want to write quality articles really quickly and easily, consider downloading the latest version of Instant Article Wizard from the original source/author Jonathan Leger and be guaranteed to get the newest version, the best support and a genuine copy of Instant Article Wizard.Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

2008-07-12 00:41:00

I’m curious Frank - how does compare to your on linklov post builder - which I like a lot btw! Also could u please add the “notify by email pugin” because I can’t always remember which old post Ive commented on LOL

Comment by Lizzy
2008-09-22 09:12:28

looks like a pretty cool software to have.

Comment by Winson
2008-10-03 05:42:38

Hey guyz,
UAW is really a good service and I highly recommend you to join it.
And by the way,I have a group of writer who are offer their writing service to cater to UAW Submission guildlines.
UAW is a great software to boost your backlink but you will need articles to archive it.
This will save you lots of time

Comment by Travel Over 30s
2008-11-09 20:36:12

FRank are you still using this product - or maybe you are planning on developing a better one of your own? An update would be fantastic thanks Lissie

Comment by Bruce C Ziebarth
2009-07-14 18:54:55

I like your honest review of Instant Article Wizard. I have used it and thoroughly enjoy the program. I have noticed, if you use it to research an academic paper, you have to be careful to go back and cite each source.

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