Blog Review: Webatlantis

Ilias requested a Free Blog Review of her blog, Webatlantis.

Here’s the review…

What is Webatlantis?

Blog Review: Webatlantis

According to byline, this blog is “Your comprehensive collection of tips and winning strategies.” The About page is very thin but this is acknowledged there. But, if you’re going to tell me how to make money some sort of credentials would be nice. The archives indicate that the blog has been in operation since October 2007.

Site Design/Theme

The WordPress theme is a plain, blue and white, dual right sidebar theme. It strikes me as rather plain and dull more than simplistic minimalist kind of look. Also, with the heavy monetization, the pages don’t flow very well. 

Navigation is very good with a nice selection of navigational options plus a comprehensive sitemap/archive page.

Having a blog roll with a bunch of A-Listers is rather useless. I’d suggest working toward developing link exchanges with other bloggers where you get something in return.

Webatlantis is another “make money” blog that goes way overboard on monetization. There are 3 blocks of Adsense on most pages, Kontera, a block of 6 125×125 ads displaying the usual suspects, Adroll, the annoying yellow bar at the top with an affiliate link, private ads and links and some assorted other affiliate links.

My first recommendation is to remove the Adsense. It simply won’t make good money on a “make money online” blog. I’d also recommend removing Kontera due to it’s lack of decent ads and negative impact on the user experience. Oh, and the annoying yellow bar, dump it too. Just because John Chow has one doesn’t mean that you need one too.

On the 125×125 ads, explore using ads that few others in the same niche are using. Try complementary products to the niche. Don’t display the same ads as your blogging heroes do because if someone wants to buy the product they’ll either (a) buy from the hero’s site, or (b) figure out the link and cut you out of the commission.


I found the content of Webatlantis rather lacking. Some of the articles read a lot like some PLR articles I have read recently on Internet Marketing and related topics. Others, while sounding interesting, were really ads for Clickbank products. Others are rehashes of current tech news articles. Is the goal of Webatlantis to snag a few dollars from unsuspecting Internet Marketing noobies? It sure seems that way. If that is the goal, that’s OK but the Internet Marketing isn’t a particularly high earning niche and there are many doing it better.

3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites - This is an example of a PLR rehash article.

Directory Submission Gets You Tons Of Quality - 1 Way Links - Here’s one promoting Brad Callen’s Directory Submitter

And a tech news link post: The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007


My main recommendation is to cut back the monetization and make it more focused. If the intent is to concentrate on bringing in curious Internet Marketing novices via search and social traffic, work on making the advertising more unique and write more articles that direct them toward an offer without Kontera and Adsense getting in the way. Get rid of the 125×125’s that everyone and his brother is displaying and use bigger, attention getting, banners. If this is the goal, the content could use a few tweaks to make their origins less obvious but this is rather minor.

If the intent is to make this a social networking content site then the content needs to be upgraded in quality by getting away from PLR’s and writing stronger, unique, content. I’d recommend the same approach to monetization though, cut back to a more reasonable level.

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