Blog Review: Through the Looking Glass

Loraine requested a Free Blog Review of her blog, Through the Looking Glass.

Here’s the review…

What is Through the Looking Glass?

Blog Review: Through the Looking Glass

According to info in the page header the blog is about Loraine’s interest of Stuart crystal. It’s a Blogger blog and I’d say it’s more of a personal blog than a highly targeted niche blog.

Site Design/Theme

The template being used is a variation of the popular Misty Look theme adapted to Blogger. I’m not a big fan of this look since it has been so overused. I would recommend at least exchanging the default logo picture with one of some Stuart crystal to make it more personalized.

Navigation is good with the supplied widgets providing access to earlier posts.

One huge problem with the blog is the number of widgets. This causes a very slow page load time and creates a very busy look on the page. I’d recommend cutting these back a lot by narrowing it down to a few, well behaved, useful widgets.

Monetization includes Adsense, ShoppingAds and Amazon. In addition to this it’s also used to promote Loraine’s eBay auctions when she has one. I could see Adsense working OK on this blog if it was used more prominently rather than in Link Units. I don’t think ShoppingAds will work well in this blog although I could have seen the old AuctionAds working well before they screwed them up so badly. Amazon doesn’t convert well period in my observations but if it’s making money there’s no reason to dump it. Another suggestion would be to sign up with Commission Junction and use eBay affiliate links for auctions that fit the theme of the blog.


The content is updated infrequently, for example, the last post was over a month ago. Is this an abandoned blog? I don’t know. The content is rather timeless though and works on a niche blog level so, after some deliberation, I decided to review it.

The Red House Cone ‘Home of Stuart Crystal’ is a nice post about where Stuart Crystal is made.

My Reference Links On Stuart Crystal is a good reference list.

Most of the other posts are short picture posts of various Stuart Crystal items. Check them out if you’re interested in this kind of glassware.

The main content improvement I’d recommend is making the picture posts a little longer and descriptive of the item. This helps out any readers of the blog plus makes the post more Google friendly. 


My main recommendation for this blog would be for Loraine to decide if she wants it to be an infrequently updated personal blog about Stuart Crystal or if she wanted it to be a niche blog that markets to crystal glassware information searchers. If it’s a personal blog, don’t do much to it although cutting back on the widgetization is highly recommended. If it’s to be a search engine niche blog, cut back the widgets to an absolute minimum, improve the template, remove all social items and beef up the way Adsense is presented.

Get Your Site Reviewed

If you would like your blog reviewed by me for free, just like Loraine did, use my Free Blog Review page to request one. The waiting time for one right is is about 3-4 weeks but it should be worth the wait.


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Comment by lorainek
2008-01-21 17:51:09

Hi, Thankyou for the review of my blog! unfortunatley due to personal problems I have not been able to spend time writing.But hope to get back to it very soon.
I have found your review very Intresting and helpful.It is always worth reading someone elses views.
Kind regards Lorainek.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-21 20:28:19

Hi Loraine,

The interesting thing is that sometimes when you’re not updating a site the traffic and the advertising revenue will actually increase if Google starts seeing it as an authority site. With a few tweaks your blog could become an authority site on Stuart Crystal and probably get a lot of search traffic from people who’re interested in buying it.

Of course, if you want to keep it a personal blog that fine too and it will probably still get Google traffic. It’s just you may not make quite as much money from it.

Best of luck to you and your blog.

Comment by lorainek
2008-01-24 12:40:02

Hi,I never really started my blog to make money, I just wanted to see if I could publish a reasonable one, Through doing this I have learned how to adjust my template,change codes colours.
But, I have to say the idea of turning it into a niche blog has become of intrest to me..
I have been tweeking it about since reading your review, you have definatley started me thinking into which path I should be taking.
Again Thanks for the Review..
All the best…

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