Blog Review: Toast & Egg & Me

Kumo requested a Free Blog Review of the blog, Toast & Egg & Me.

Here’s the review…

What is Toast & Egg & Me…?

Blog Review: Toast & Egg & Me

According to the About page Toast & Egg is the name of a café where Kumo drinks coffee and surfs via wi-fi regularly. The goal of the web site is to “concentrate on the tips and guide that I found and learn on earning money online.” I would have liked to have seen more info about Kumo on the about page though. The blog was started in November 2007.

Site Design/Theme

This is a WordPress blog that uses the snappy looking WP Bliss theme, a tan 2 column theme with a splitable right sidebar. This is a nice looking theme that isn’t too overused.

Navigation is good although a sitemap might be a good addition, particularly once the amount of content increases.

Monetization is heavy on this site. There’s Adsense, Kontera, Bidvertiser and several affiliate offers.

First of all I’d recommend dumping Kontera unless it is earning money at a rapid pace. It’s a user annoyance and a poor earning on most sites. The ugly and annoying strip ad plugin should also be be dumped.

Next, Adsense should be dropped since the blog’s primary theme is making money online. Adsense does poorly on this kind of blog and social traffic from EntreCard, StumbleUpon and such can cause an entire Adsense account to be smart priced and cut revenue up to 90%. Even worse, it will sometimes display food ads because of the blog’s URL.

Deal of the Day is also pretty useless. I’d recommend sticking with the 125×125 ads and Bidvertiser and try to find unique and complementary offers to place before an audience who’s seen the common “make money” ads dozens of times.

Lastly, I’d recommend Flushing the Rush.


Most of the content is centered around various make money offers and often either repeats what others have said or are just a very brief article pointing to an article on another site. Let’s look at a few of them:

If you were wondering about where the top yellow strip ads that have been springing up like crabgrass on blogs came from Kumo talks about it in this article: Two Great Plugin from MaxBlogPress

If you want to develop MyBlogLog as a social traffic source, Kumo has you covered in this article, 5 Steps to get Traffic from MyBlogLog.

And, lastly, there’s this article on the new 125×125 ad service, Advertising 125×125 ads with 125box


Toast & Egg & Me is a heavily monetized, make money online blog that emphasizes on getting social traffic. The content is a little weak because it’s often of the blog echo chamber variety. I’d recommend that Kumo concentrate on developing more unique content and trim back the monetization to a more reasonable, and probably more profitable, level.

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Comment by kumo
2008-01-14 01:12:38

Thanks for the review. Really appreciate it. I’ll go over all the suggestion and improve my blog testing it one by one.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-14 11:04:29

Hi Kumo,

I hope it helps. It’s tricky to make money and develop good social content at the same time on the same blog. That’s why many people choose to do this on separate blogs.

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