Blog Review: The NextPost

Mark requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, The NextPost.

Here’s the review…

What is The NextPost?

Blog Review: The NextPost

According to the Blogger profile page Mark lives in Malaysia and is a freelance writer and blogger. The site byline is “It’s the next logical step to take to the next level… in your money quest.” Some additional info would be nice here but isn’t that necessary.

Site Design/Theme

This is a Blogger blog although it’s hosted on it’s own domain. It uses a very austere 2 column, right side sidebar, Blogger template that works well for SEO purposes but isn’t that visually appealing.

Navigation is very lacking in this blog. It is difficult to find older posts although there is an archive widget buried in the sidebar. Is this by design to make the site less sticky and to optimize search traffic and to increase the possibility of ad clicks?

I didn’t notice any monetization on this site. Ha! Gotcha! This is one of the most monetized blogs I’ve run across. I think I counted at least 20 different offers on the site and there are probably some I missed. I’ve even bought an ad on his site, a TopSpot link, a while back.

Monetizing a “make money online” blog is difficult but The NextPost seems to be working on the theory that if you throw enough noodles on the wall something will stick. Monetization is often complicated for Malaysian bloggers so I can understand him trying just about anything to make some money. Some of the widgets do load slow and this might cause some search visitors to bounce away too quickly. A review of loading times on the various advertising methods might help optimize page load times.

One thing I’d recommend would be cutting back on or removing the Adsense from this blog if the CTR on this site is less than 2%. Having it on a blog that pulls in social traffic in the make money online category might result in smart pricing of the whole account. This could be important if Mark wants to develop Adsense using niche blogs.


I did find the content a little on the weak side. Many of the articles just point to other things being said on other sites or are paid posts. This is a further indication to me that the blog might be intended to grab and convert search traffic more than being a truly informative site. That’s OK if that’s the goal although some improvement in content would be needed for it to become a informational blog.

However, there were a few highlights I’ll point out.

In Is BlogRush Dead In The Water? Mark discusses one of my big dislikes, BlogRush. While he isn’t quite convinced of it’s uselessness back in November when he wrote this article, it seems that he’s Flushed the Rush since that time.

It looks like he ran into some trouble with BlogCatalog back in April: When Blog Catalog Gets Your Goat…

In this post, Shocking Quality Of Blog Reviews Revealed, he reviews a bad review he got via Review Me. At least a follow up post indicates he got a refund for that review.


The NextPost is a heavily monetized, make money online style, blog. It seems to be designed to snag search traffic in this area more than being a social blog. The content is a little on the light side but this shouldn’t be a problem unless Mark wants the blog to become an authority site in the make money online field.

Get Your Site Reviewed

If you would like your blog reviewed by me for free, just like Mark did, use my Free Blog Review page to request one. The waiting time for one right is is about 3-4 weeks but it should be worth the wait.


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Comment by Markk
2008-01-12 14:44:07

Thanks for the review. I’ll take note of all the pros and cons and see what I can do to improve things.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-12 15:55:49

Hi Markk,

What you want to do will depend a lot on the direction you want to take the site. It does seem well optimized for search traffic except for the load time. But, if you want it to be a more social or authority site, then you’ll need to change direction by cutting the ads and beefing up the content.

Comment by Vic
2008-01-12 19:47:39

Markk is one of the coolest cats and can not wait to see him get not only that site going but other niches. The great thing is as he said Markk is always open to improvement I am so happy to see you review him Frank.

Kudos buddy.

Comment by Markk
2008-01-14 07:05:57

Vic: you’re making me blush but you’re right I’m always open to suggestions. I’m forever tweaking my blogs and using your keyword advice (and Court, too) to get front page on the SERPs. Just check out pagerank slapfest and beyond blogging experience in Google search to see where I rank. Just got a couple of niche blogs rolling. More will be coming. Grizz also did an excellent post on backlinks which is just great for us “noobs.”

jfc: I’m not too keen on being a social blog. Maybe it will be an authority blog as it develops but that’s farther down the line while I continue to put the house in order. I just got smacked by Big G and now down to PR3 from 6. My main aim is to write readable posts but not really focused on handing out tips and such. There are others better at this than me. I just enjoy writing in my own style. Niche blogs is where the real income is - from here on and into the beyond.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-14 09:00:03

Hi Mark,

OpTempo apparently got slapped by the Big G too although I don’t sell any links and the whopping 2 paid reviews I did are clearly nofollowed. They apparently left their slap algorithm on automatic while they sipped some cappuccinos and played some Wii games. Too bad I’m older than 29 so I can’t get in on that kind of sweet job action.

One thing that you might want to write about would be monetization options and struggles of Malaysian bloggers. From what I’ve heard, it’s tough over there.

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