Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success - Part VI

Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success - Part VI

In Part I of the Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success we went over how to kick off a “make money online” fame blog. Next, Part II explained how to boost the fame blog through socializing. In Part III, we learned how to develop ’social proof’ by hook or crook’. Part IV described Google’s role. Part V discussed the infamous ‘ramp’ to boost the blog to the top. Now, in this final part, we’ll examine what you do when you’ve arrived.

This semi-serious, semi-satirical, look at blogging for social fame is intended for the blogger who wants to become a famous, make money online, blogger. While there are some lessons in here, some of them being what not to do, it’s not intended for someone who wants to actually earn money online.

DISCLAIMER: Some techniques in this series aren’t completely ethical and maybe even downright mean and nasty. The ideas and opinions expressed are primarily based on applying business system planning and analysis to observations of the actions taken by top make money online bloggers. Some of this information is speculative and should be taken with a grain of salt. Some parts are for entertainment purposes only. Shake well before using. Apply to affected area twice daily. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Consult your family doctor before beginning any blogging program. OK, now with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into the thick of it.

At the Top

Now You are a Fat CatOK, let’s assume you’ve played your cards right and now you’re a famous make money online blogger. Are you going to be a one-hit wonder or are you going to stick around a while? Bask in your fame or sell out? Help others or milk them for whatever cash you can extract from them selling false dreams? Or will you be Living in a Van Down By the River?

Here’s the problem you’ll be facing. Basically it breaks down to the fact that if you don’t keep paying for social traffic in some way you’ll eventually lose it. This is because there’s not enough cash packed organic Google search traffic available for the keywords a make money online blog typically ranks well for. If you do things that screw up your position in Google, such as selling followed links and reviews, then you’ll be even worse off.

What are the options available at the top since sitting still isn’t a viable option?

Cash In Your Chips

Time to Cash In Your Chips One option is to sell your blog at this point and start the process over again, perhaps using one of your entourage blogs. The question is will this work, particularly if you’ve been faking your revenue numbers and other stats to some extent all along?

Well, that’s a big ‘maybe’ because it depends on several factors.

First, how is the blog branded? If it’s branded to a person’s name, your own or a false one, it will be difficult to sell. If it’s a generic one, like, you’ll stand a much better chance of selling it.

The current rule of thumb when it comes to selling blogs is that you can sell it for about 10 times the monthly income. This probably isn’t the best way to calculate its worth but it’s one of the most common ways. Others will also take into account Google PageRank, Alexa traffic count, RSS subscriber count and the like plus private traffic and monetization stats.

The problem here is that if you’ve been consistently misstating your blog’s income that you could get into some significant legal trouble for fraud.  If this is the case then a sale is not a good plan for you. However, if you’ve based your phoney earning statements on more nebulous, off-site, sources you could probably sell based on your traffic and PageRank alone. The sucker buyer would purchase on the hope of monetizing this awesome traffic plus having the advantages of a good PR number .

The bottom line is buying an existing blog like this is a bad idea. You have to hope that the people who’re doing this don’t discover this before you’re ready to sell.

Sell the Dream

Dream Car on the BeachAnother common method is to sell the dream of becoming rich by making money online to your loyal fan base. This method has a lot in common with the way multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations manage their downlines. Here’s how you can accomplish this.

First, you convince them that by following your program, such as participating in a private paid forum or using an advertising widget you recommend or buying an exorbitantly priced paid review from you, that they will be well on their way to riches just like you.

Next, you keep upselling and side-selling them. For example, if you have a private forum, offer them a more exclusive level with personal level coaching for a $1000 or more. Or, if they buy your eBook for $99, use it to sell them on your hosting plans, custom WordPress themes, and so forth. Emphasize that they’ll need all these tools in order to be successful and, if they don’t make an investment in them, make it clear that you don’t think that they’re serious about making money online.

And, lastly, always dangle the dream out in front of them. Show them things like expensive sports cars, homes, fine dining and other experiences and products that you can afford with your awesome income. If you generate enough desire in them they’ll follow you anywhere you choose to lead them.

With a core audience of about a thousand loyal readers who will do just about anything you say you’ll be able to sell these products to them and make a nice chunk of change. That is for a while until disillusioned attrition eats up your following. The important thing will be bringing in fresh meat for your moneymaking grinder. If you can do this successfully you’ll be set for Internet fame and, finally, fortune for some time to come.

So, when you don’t have organic search traffic on your side, how do you get new suckers visitors to join your money making venture? Simply answer, you find ways to buy it at a rate that will still make you a profit.

Strike Deals

Let’s Make a Deal!In your position as the newest mover and shaker in the make money online sector of the blogosphere you’ll be in the right place to promote whatever widget or other such plan companies want to foist on the unsuspecting public.

For example, let’s say that an advertising company is coming out with a new widget called ThingamabobAds. They’ll want you to promote it and, in exchange, you get a kickback, for example, $1000 a month. You get guaranteed cash and they’ll get 1000’s of suckers publishers displaying an ad widget. Of course, most of these noobie publishers rarely are able to reach the necessary payout level before they give up in frustration. Guess who gets some of this money?

Or, let’s say that they’ve got a new social traffic generating networking widget called EgressBlitz that they want you to promote. They’ll give you cash under the table to display it on your site and promote it. This, in turn, sends you extra traffic through the widget and thus more meat for your grinder.

Another way you can do this is to work deals with other major and second tier blog owners where they help steer traffic toward your paid services in exchange for cash or other consideration. For example, for every person who signs up for a $1000 coaching session pay the referring blogger $500 or so.

There are several other ways to retain fame and make money too. Just look around the blogosphere and, if you look close, you’ll see them in action right before your eyes.

OK, that’s it for this article and the series. I hope you found it a good read. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about it.


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Comment by Bruce
2008-01-09 12:34:33

Well you finally finished. This one of the most interesting series I’ve read in a while. Amusing and sadly will work. What you have finished with here is an almost word for word description of the techniques utilized by so many of the Make Money Gurus you can find on Money making forums around the net.

These so called Internet Marketers employ many of these same tactics. Most of the ones I’m thinking of now( and I won’t call names), do exactly this, with the exception of actually having to work at building a blog. They utlize their huge email lists and the lists of other Gurus, through joint ventures, to constantly bombard the people on these lists with the ever increasing hope of this next trick will show you exactly how I do it to make millions.

Anyway I could go on and on about this, but I’ll stop before I write you a blog post in the comments.

Great read, I really enjoyed it and it may have inspired a blog post of my own on a similar subject. :-)

Comment by jfc
2008-01-09 20:06:27

Hi Bruce,

You’re still being Akismet’ed.

I’m glad you enjoyed the series. It’s funny how I’ve seen much the same tactics used by ’sales gurus’ for at least 30 years now. In the 80-90’s it was MLM’s like Amway, Herbalife and Primerica but today it’s more of the same stuff recycled online.

Comment by Sweet Rock Media
2008-01-09 15:11:38

Now you should take this series of blog posts turn them into an ebook and sell it for $99 to some of these suckers you speak about!

Great articles, job well done!

Comment by jfc
2008-01-09 16:06:29

Thanks Sweet Rock Media,

I would but I’m still trying to figure out if SA-8 will get out Goji juice stains. :)


I found out I can get a cover for it free and easy at

Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success eBook

Comment by Robert
2008-01-15 03:18:35

This series has been a good read. It’s set as a hypothetical scenario, but it strikes dead on. Good work. So, who are you really famous as, Frank? :)

Comment by jfc
2008-01-15 09:48:35

Hi Robert,

To paraphrase Will Rogers, “Well, all I know is what I read in the blogs.” :)

I’m more than famous, I’m In-famous. :)

Comment by Robert
2008-01-15 22:30:57

Holy sh*t dude, YOU’RE John Chow? Don’t tell Vic!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2008-01-15 22:46:57

Had to edit, my Mom reads this blog from time to time.

Strangely enough I am who I say I am. But remember, Elvis is Everywhere :)

Comment by Robert
2008-01-16 01:01:42

If you say so. Hmm…JFC…well, I couldn’t find out John Chow’s middle name based on quick research, but you have to admit it’s an interesting coincidence. :)

Comment by jfc
2008-01-16 17:27:38

Here’s a little update. For those bloggers who tend to defend A-Listers when it comes to the kind of “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” deals I mentioned in the article, here’s yet another example, this one from John Cow. Check out his comment (#46) on this post about him dropping EntreCard

SEORob, We started with the widget because we got paid for a review

And in Comment #92

Darren Rowse from Problogger gets paid by Entrecard to endorse them.

I’d venture to say that the other big bloggers who’re using and promoting this widget got paid as well. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just illustrates my points about how the social blogging system works.

Comment by Robert
2008-01-16 22:29:27

It’s just MLM moved into a different arena is all. People don’t take into account WHY someone is saying or doing something nearly often enough.

Comment by Emma
2008-04-12 13:04:09

Frank, I think you have too much time on your hands. :smile:
Seriously that was a very clever and entertaining look at what goes on with the MMO niche. Great job. Funny and yet true.

Comment by jfc
2008-04-12 13:27:20

Thanks Emma,

You’ll notice that I cut way back on the number of posts on OpTempo as I started bringing more and more niche blogs online. However, I do enjoy putting together a good post with pictures.

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