Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success - Part V

Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success - Part V

Part I of the Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success discussed building the foundation for your “make money online” fame blog. Part II deals with the initial launch phase and socializing. Part III tells you how to develop ’social proof’. In Part IV we learned about Google’s role in this kind of blog. Now, in Part V, we’ll take a look at moving to phase 2 of the social fame blog, referred to by some as ‘the ramp’, the big push to get on the A-List.

Who is this series designed for? It’s designed for the blogger who wants to become a famous, make money online, blogger. It’s not for someone who wants to earn money online, it’s for someone who wants fame over fortune.

DISCLAIMER: Some techniques in this series aren’t completely ethical. The ideas behind this series are primarily based on applying my knowledge of business system planning and analysis and observing top bloggers in action. Some of this information is speculative. Some parts of these articles are serious info and some are social satire. Kids, do not try this at home. May cause swelling in sensitive individuals. Discontinue use if rash appears. OK, now that you know the deal, let’s get started with this part.

Gaining Traction

Gaining TractionSo in the past 3 to 4 months you’ve developed a blog with a following. You grew quickly, at least on paper, due to your entourage and other manipulations. Real traffic and real fans also have increased.  Your RSS subscriber count is well into 3 digits. Your Alexa is in the mid 5 digits and Technorati is in the same range, perhaps even a lower number. Google has seen fit to award you a PageRank of 5. Now it’s time for the final push.

This period is critical and it’s where most bloggers for money making fame drop the ball. Why does this happen? Why do they get stuck in the B-tier or C-tier of “make money online” bloggers?

My observation has been that you can only get so far for free. To make the big leap you have to lay out some serious cash in one form or another. If fame is your goal, then paying for it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Look at the money people spend to win beauty pageants.

There are many methods I’ve seen top bloggers use to make this leap. Some do this by creating a useful service for the blogging community. Others did it by developing widgets or creating/sponsoring WordPress themes and so forth that are well received. Some didn’t have a single great leap forward but built up over time by word of mouth and good, solid, marketing techniques. However, in this series, we’re looking at more self-serving methods that can put you on top quickly. Here are some methods I’ve observed that seem to work.

Publicity Stunts

Publicity StuntThe current king of this method is John Cow. From the original parody to fake hacks to Digg baits to a quick paid Wiki flip he’s managed to put himself into the A-list in less than 6 months by repeating these feats over and over again. If you want an example of how to do this, just look at him.

Some stunts can be done cheaply but others require an investment of time and/or money. The whole idea is to do something outrageous that gets people talking about you and visiting your blog regularly.


Here are some ideas for you:

  • Fake a serious illness, injury or other life crisis.
  • Run a lot of contests
  • Provoke fights, preferably faked, with other bloggers
  • Give away a lot of free stuff
  • Create a series of viral videos that promote your blog
  • Fake legal trouble or other crisis associated with your site.

The drawback here is if you’re using a false persona blog identity, this kind of activity can blow your cover. It can also have unexpected and/or undesirable side effects.

The idea is to find new and creative ways to promote your brand, your blog. In most cases, the more outrageous, the better.

Bribe Your Way Up

I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuseSince you know that many “make money online” bloggers aren’t making that much money and most are money hungry it should be obvious that they’re open to bribes uh “mutually beneficial exchanges” of various types. We’re all familiar with the “link to me and I’ll link to you” link exchange. All we’re doing here is kicking this up several notches and adding a little cash in to lubricate the transaction.

One of the most common of these is the infamous ‘paid review’. While reviews, paid and unpaid, can serve a useful purpose, like those done by an expert in Internet Marketing, many are simply fluff promotional pieces with a thin veneer of review. As the song goes, “Money Changes Everything“. Try to improve your chances of a good review by going directly to the blogger and not through a broker so that they don’t have to share any of the money from the review. Offer them their full fee plus some extra bakshish in consideration for a highly positive undisclosed review (meaning a review where the payment isn’t revealed to the readers and the links are followed).

Along the same lines, you could offer the big timer a payment for every time they positively mentioned and linked to your blog in one of their articles. For example, tell them every time they do this you’ll pay them $100 for up to 10 times in the next 4 weeks. You’ll probably be their newest best friend as they find a way to mention your name in most of their posts.

Guest posting on a big time blog is another way to generate buzz. You can try offering a payment for this opportunity as well. Rock bands do this all the time to play the best venues in their area or to open for a popular group. They “pay to play” with the hope of getting exposure to a larger audience. You’ll be doing the same thing in the blogging world.

On the flip side, pay the big time blogger to guest post on your blog or to do an interview for your blog. For example, offer them $102.25 for an article or $47.75 for an interview to be published on your web site. Of course, they’ll link to this out of vanity and you’ll get more traffic that way.

The idea is to find high ranking “make money online” bloggers who are willing to accept payment for such services. After all, they’re not communists.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Lather, Rinse, RepeatThe whole idea is to repeat this process many times quickly over the course of about 6-8 weeks once your blog has traction. What you want is unrelenting publicity that will push your blog’s social traffic up into A-List territory. You can’t just do one publicity stunt or one review or one “pay to play”. That’s a common mistake. You have to go nuts with it, perhaps spending several thousand dollars to achieve your fame goals. If you don’t, you’ll begin to drop back down the list slowly but surely. But if you do you’ll join the rarified ranks of the A-List “make money online” bloggers.

Now, there’s just the small factor of paying off your credit card bill when it arrives. How are you going to handle that?

That’s it for Part V. In Part VI, the final part of this series, we’ll take a look at the end game, where to you go from here and a few ways that some of those at the top line their purses. 


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