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What is Colloquim (

Blog Review: Colloquium (

According to the About page, Colloquim in the context of this blog means, “An informal meeting for the exchange of views.”  There is also a bio page for the author, JHS, that tells even more about her. Colloquium is also the the home of the popular weekly Carnival of Family Life.

Site Design/Theme

The WordPress theme used on Colloquim is a custom one that features 3 header/footer columns and a main content section with a single right side bar. The theme is red but a tasteful looking rose red. The overall effect of the site is homey and feminine.

The site navigation is excellent and I wouldn’t recommend changing anything in this department.

I would recommend a few minor tweaks to some of the plugins. The plugin for the social bookmarking icons seems to be displaying a nag line. I’d recommend getting rid of it and replacing it with Sociable or another such plugin. I’d also recommend limiting the icons displayed to about 4-6 icons. Lastly, I’d recommend “Flushing the Rush“. 

There doesn’t seem to be any actual monetization on the blog although an organization of women bloggers, BlogHer is promoted on the site.


The content on Colloquim isn’t exactly focused on one particular thing although most of the posts do seem to center around blogging and related topics.

UPDATE: One thing I should have mentioned originally was that Colloquim is the starting point for the Carnival of Family Life. This blog carnival , as you might expect, features family-related articles. They’re doing one on a weekly basis so if you have a blog where you have family related articles you will probably want to participate in it.

A post I found interesting was this one that I commented on a few months ago: Life in the Blogosphere: Comment Moderation or Censorship? There was also this follow-up article that was very interesting too, Life in the Blogosphere: Have You Gotten Your “Anonymitis” Vaccination?

I enjoyed this quiz post, A Thirteen Question History Quiz for Baby Boomers. (I got most of them right although I’m not a Baby Boomer but a Gen Jones-er).

And, lastly, another 13 list, Thursday Thirteen Edition #5: The Thirteen All-Time Best Movies About Attorneys and/or the Legal Profession. I found this one interesting since JHS is an attorney so it was interesting to see what a lawyer thought about lawyer movies.


Overall I think Colloquim is a good personal blog that has a very good theme and a nice collection of articles.

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Comment by JHS
2008-01-10 08:51:11


I don’t know what you mean by “nag line” but I just switched to that plugin from Share This.


Because I customized it myself which Share This would not allow. You’ll note that among the sites listed is Blogging Zoom. There is NO plugin for social media that includes Blogging Zoom except my updated version of this one! Most of the plugins list a bunch of sites that I never use, so I eliminated all of that in favor of Sk*rt, etc. that are useful to me.

The theme is from Blogging Experiment. They are selling it for $75 and I heavily customized it.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-10 09:23:01


It was showing a “blog owner you should purchase this plugin” kind of nag just below the icons when I did the review but it appears to be gone now. Perhaps it was some temporary glitch.

I wrote a modification to Sociable back in November for Blogging Zoom as described here, How To Add a Blogging Zoom Icon to Sociable. It does seem like the people who’re writing these plugins should allow adding a new bookmarking site in the admin section so you don’t have to hack some code.

The real test of these social bookmarking widgets is if people are clicking on them. I don’t find that they do very often so that’s why I recommend keeping them to a minimum. Of course, your experience with them may be different.

Thanks for the additional info on the theme. It is does look very nice.

Comment by Lin
2008-01-12 11:11:18

Frank, you did an excellent job with this review. I came across her blog through Blogging Zoom, and am a big fan. I love participating in blog carnivals, and her site has some great information and links.

I had a bit of difficulty finding the page that explains exactly What Is Carnival of Family Life About?, and ended up sending her a message through her Contact page (but I think there’s a glitch ’cause I didn’t get a reply), but finally found what I was looking for.

I’ve been wanting to do a post on the benefits of participating in blog carnivals, linking out to various ones I know of including hers, as well as the main site. Hopefully I can get that done within the next couple of days. She’s got a great site, and I love the theme.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-12 11:23:47

Hi Lin,

You’re right, I should have mentioned the Blog Carnival part of her site. I’ll update the article to mention that.

I’ve found a lot of Contact form emails get sent to my junk folder automatically for some reason. I always have to check it daily to make sure something didn’t get sent there by mistake.

Comment by Lin
2008-01-12 11:34:40

That is what I suspected happened, so I wasn’t bothered by it. If all else failed, I would have found another way of contacting her through one of the social networking sites I guess.

Flush BlogRush eh? I’ve been debating that one for quite awhile. I have gotten some traffic from BlogRush, but it’s interesting to me what specific posts they come from. I’ll have to give that more thought, and probably will flush it as well.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by JHS
2008-01-12 23:17:30

Lin: I apologize but I did not receive an inquiry from you via my Contact form. The form usually works nicely, but my site was down for two hours or so a couple of nights ago due to a problem with Blue Host (they upgraded a server that wreaked havoc upon the WordPress files).

The Carnival page is here:

Submissions are invited on a weekly basis, one per blog, until midnight Saturday (Pacific time) and the Carnival is live each Monday with rotating host sites.

Thanks for mentioning it!

Comment by Cheap GPS Systems
2008-08-12 18:09:31

Wow, I had never heard the term generation Jones before. This describes why my Mom always tells people she is too young to be a boomer. Everyone wants to call her a boomer but she won’t let them. Now I can tell her she is a Gen Jones member. I know she will be happy to have her own label.

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