Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success - Part I

Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success - Part I

Do you want to be a famous “make money online” blogger? Judging from some of the sites I’ve visited recently many people do seek this kind of fame ahead of fortune. That’s OK if that’s what you want. However, what you need to keep in mind is that you are putting fame first and money will follow slowly, if at all. In fact, it may even cost you more money than you’ll make. This kind of blogging is almost the exact opposite of money making niche blogging.

Also, some of the techniques described here are, well, underhanded and sneaky, or as a famous blogger would say ‘evil’. It’s really up to you to decide how far you want to go to achieve fame. Remember Vickie Lynn Hogan didn’t sit around in a Texas trailer park waiting for fame to find her. But also, remember fame can extract a high personal price as well.

Lastly, what I’m writing here isn’t from my own experience aside from a few ideas I’ve tried. Instead, I use my background as an experienced designer, planner and analyst of business systems to look at how this might be done as well as my observations of what I’ve seen some big name bloggers do.

In this first part, we’ll look at laying the ground work for your fame blog.

Your Back Story

What’s Your Story About?To begin with you’ll need a back story or gimmick that will grab attention. If you’ve watched reality TV shows you know how this works. Your story has to be interesting. For blogging fame, this usually will preclude being just another young, educated, middle class, male Caucasian or Asian. To set yourself apart from the crowd you’ll need to find something different for your audience to latch onto.

As they say, nobody knows you’re a dog on the Internet. Perhaps you could be a 12 year old kid, a single mom with 5 kids, a former drug addict, a retired businessman making a comeback or a mysterious character that nobody really knows. It just needs to be compelling to your audience. Take the time to flesh out the story, complete with photos, so that inconsistencies don’t reveal the ruse later on.

If you want to “be yourself”, that’s fine too. Just find things in your background that you can emphasize that will be memorable to your readers and avoid mundane, boring, details.

Domain Selection

Your Domain Name is Your BrandWhen you select your fame domain you really have two choices. You can go with a generic “make money” or “blogging” name or one based on your own name or your persona name.

The advantage of using a person’s name is this will give you better branding for the site. People will remember your personal brand. They’ll recall easier than Joe Schmuckatelly who writes Another plus is that it makes it much easier to create specific link anchor text in comments and elsewhere without looking spammy. The disadvantage is that the site will be difficult to sell in the future.

The advantages and disadvantages of the generic name are the opposite. It’s harder to personally brand but it will be quite easy to sell once you’ve built it. You’ll need to make this choice up front.

Blog Selection and Setup

You have to look rich and classyOf course, you’ll want to use self-hosted WordPress for your blog. Either select a free theme that’s nice looking but not overly flashy or pay for a full blown custom theme. You will also want to create (or pay for) a custom header graphic to help brand your site. While using a flashy sports car might be too derivative, you will want to select graphics that convey an aura of classy wealth and authority. While you can do wild and crazy, young and hip, if you want, you still have to convey a sense of wealth and utter self-confidence.

You will also need to acquire plugins that will help you promote your blog as you go. Most of these are fairly basic to any good WordPress installation so I won’t rehash them here. You will, however, also want tools like Bookmarking Demon and Auto Social Poster to help you build critical backlinks.

Your Entourage

Your Entourage AwaitsAny good celebrity will need an entourage. Look at any big time blog and you’ll see the same commentators all the time struggling for the top spot and kissing up to the A-lister. But, since you’re starting out cold you won’t have them yet. So, you have to create them.

You should build about 30-50 entourage blogs. These can be free Blogger blogs or blogs or self-hosted blogs on their own domain. If you don’t mind spending some money, buy some pre-existing domains that have PageRank and history. A combination of different types would probably work the best.

Build these blogs up with about 10 or so posts that are typical simple, derivative, “make money online” or personal style posts. You want them to look like your typical clueless noobie “make money online” blog or a personal blog. You’ll want to start building and launching these a minimum of two to four weeks before the launch of your fame blog. You’ll also be adding content to them occasionally along the way as well so devise a method to keep track of them.

Try to avoid using your typical writing style when creating the content for these blogs. You might even consider having some of this content ghost written for you. Another technique is to find longer comments on other blogs and rework them slightly or mash several up into articles.

You could even monetize them with the typical affiliate offers that nobody ever clicks on but you shouldn’t use Adsense or any other easily trackable information that could show a link between these blogs or to your fame blog.

Of course, once your fame blog goes live your entourage will start showing up in comments and linking to this great new blog they’ve found in posts on ‘their own blogs’. There are some other tasks for your entourage to do for you as well that I’ll cover in later parts.

That’s it for Part 1 of the Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success. In the next parts I’ll cover the initial launch of the fame blog, developing a social presence, building ’social proof’, why you could care less about Google, content creation strategies and other topics.

Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success - Part II


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Comment by Vic
2008-01-04 16:19:43

Frank I love it can not wait for the next part.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-04 17:37:26

Hi Vic,

I’m not sure if I need to watch grass grow or paint a wall to get inspiration for the next part. :)

Comment by Louie
2008-01-05 01:35:53

Pretty sneaky I might say. But it works! :) Thanks for the additional tips.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-05 09:52:03

Hi Louie,

The whole idea is to look part of being successful even if you really aren’t. For example, I know some touring musicians who’re living a near poverty level but most people would think they were bringing in 5 figures a month just based on their performing attitude.

2008-01-06 17:28:36

[…] the most entertaining post or series of posts I’ve read this week was from ontempo on how to launch your stardom into the blogsphere. While I found it very entertaining there are some decent tips that you could use to help build […]

Comment by SheryTiger
2008-01-14 02:24:46

Great information, really useful.
Perhaps i would tell this to my friends also, keep posting like this.


Comment by jfc
2008-01-14 11:47:02

Hi SheryTiger,

Your comment was snagged by Akismet but I pulled it out of the filter. Unfortunately, comments like yours that could fit any post on any blog are often marked as spam, whether that was the intent or not. If you’re commenting around to get publicity for your blog, always try to remark on something specific to the article. This reduces the possibility of someone accidentally marking your comment as spam.

Comment by Troy
2008-02-13 17:52:20

For black hat techniques, these seem to take more work than many of the white hat ones I’ve seen. Still, an interesting take on building popularity :) For something a little quicker, you might want to take a look at these tips I stumbled upon yesterday:

Comment by jfc
2008-02-15 11:59:55

Hi Troy,

Thanks for the link.

It does take some work to build fame, probably more than it does to build fortune.

2008-04-13 09:09:48

[…] cynical series of posts that you should take a look at if you want to make money blogging is the blogging success series by Frank over at Optempo; cracking stuff to say the […]

2008-07-22 17:15:07

[…] you are an authority in the Make Money Online world it can be bad enough at times. Fame is nice, if you want blogging fame, and many bloggers are less likely to criticise an ‘A lister’ (they hope for some […]

Comment by James
2009-09-22 07:09:08

I like how brutally honest your posts are on making money from blogging, I read the other one on how much money people were making and it’s a real eye opener to see how much effort goes in for so little

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