Blog Review: Blogging-Secret

UPDATE 2/14/2009: The blog presented here now appears to be a blog setup for linking purposes only.

Eric requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, Blogging-Secret.

Here’s the review…

What is Blogging-Secret?

Blog Review: Blogging-Secret

According to the About page, Eric says that he is “Interested in making money online, web design, Wordpress, and sharing blogging tips and tricks.” This is what the blog is about. While the about page doesn’t say so, I assume that Eric lives in Malaysia. You can also tell that English is not his first language but he does well enough with it.  

Site Design/Theme

The WordPress theme used on Blogging-Secret is a custom one written by Eric. A base version of it is available as a free download from the site. It’s a black and white theme with blue and brown accents with a right sidebar that can be split into 1 or 2 columns. It wouldn’t be my first choice on a theme but it’s a good, basic, theme.

The site navigation is very good. It features popular posts, recent posts, categories and more. The archives page gives a good listing of all of the articles on the blog.

Monetization is primarily Adsense. This usually is not a good earner for a blog about blogging or make money blog. I’d recommend finding other monetization methods, particularly if this Adsense account will be used on niche blogs. It also appears that Eric does paid reviews. This can be a little risky with the recent Google crackdown on paid links that aren’t nofollowed. I would highly recommend that Eric look around for methods to earn money on his blog that will work well for someone who lives in Malaysia.


Here are some of the articles that I found interesting on Blogging-Secret.

In this article, How I Transfer Paypal Funds to Public Bank Debit Card for Only $5, you can see what kind of troubles and expenses bloggers in other countries have when transferring funds.

Public Blog Post Using Microsoft Words 2007 is a nice pictorial on how to use MS Word to do blog posts.

This was a good, to the point, review of BloggingAds: Get Paid for Blogging with, But I Didn’t Join Them

And, lastly, Remove META from Your Sidebar, Don’t Keep It is something I agree with.

The posts on Blogging-Secret are typically short and direct as you might expect from someone who isn’t entirely fluent in English. However, the information Eric provides in them is usually good. I would recommend that he avoid posts that just link to another site with only one original paragraph. These might get confused with spam trackbacks.


Blogging-Secret is a good attempt at an English language blog by someone who is obviously working very hard on improving their language skill. It may be a little difficult to read in some places but the information worthwhile. I suspect that monetization will be an ongoing struggle with the blog.

As for Eric himself, I recommend that he continues his work on improving his technical skills and English language skills. From what I’ve read technical job outsourcing to Malaysia should be growing as Indian companies struggle to fill positions.

Get Your Site Reviewed

If you would like your blog reviewed by me for free, just like Eric did, use my Free Blog Review page to request one. It may take a while to get to you but it should be worth the wait.


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Comment by Eric
2008-01-04 23:07:41

Hi Frank, thank you so much for your great review.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-05 09:54:28

Hi Eric,

You’re welcome.

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