Blog Review: Web Tools and Tips

Silki requested a Free Blog Review of the blog, Web Tools and Tips

So here it is…

What is Web Tools and Tips?

Blog Review: Web Tools and Tips

The about page doesn’t say much about Silki or what the site is about but from looking at the content it appears that this blog is primarily about computing tips, particularly those related to web interaction and Windows.

Site Design/Theme

Web Tools and Tips uses a 2 column theme with a large right sidebar (the Soloss theme from Elegant WP Themes) that’s split into a third column at some points. It’s a little generic looking but serviceable.

The site navigation is quite good with many easy to find navigational methods. As for the rest of the sidebar, it’s a bit heavy on badges and the spam blocked count and meta sections should probably be dropped.

Web Tools and Tips is a do-follow blog, meaning that once you’ve made 4 acceptable comments you’ll start getting a backlink for your comments from there on.

Monetization seems to consist of 3 125×125 buttons featuring offers just about every blogger has seen many times before. Adsense blocks are featured on single post pages but the ads being shown are of the low payout variety. If Silki is serious about monetizing the site, some better options should be considered. Otherwise, the ads could probably be dropped.


The content on Web Tools and Tips is mostly oriented toward the novice user of Windows, WordPress and other technologies. I’d almost guess that Silki has done some technical support either by email or phone at some point. Here are some of the highlights I noticed:

In How to disable error reporting in Windows XP there’s a good description of how to disable those annoying “phone home” messages that Windows throws up sometimes.

Auto logon for Windows XP describes how to disable the Windows logon. Don’t try this at work kids!

How to Speed Up Windows XP is a good two-parter on tweaking out your Windows XP installation.

And, in Create Hack Proof Strong Passwords easily, Silki gives a clever way to create a memorable password using a little substitution.


I found most of the content on the blog to be useful tutorial material. Making the blog Do-Follow is also a nice touch. The theme is a little generic and could use a little tweaking as I mentioned above. Monetization of a site like this can be challenging though.

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Comment by Silki
2008-01-03 20:15:40

Nice decent review.
I really appreciate your frank opinion and some good advice.
Your views about the monetization of are really an area of concern to me. In fact so much that, it seems that this blog seems to under Google smart pricing. I am considering to drop adsense altogether from this blog for some time.
I have recently added Kontera to webtoolsandtips.

Two questions?

What can be done to increase the CTR?
How can I get more payout type ads.
What can be other monetization programs suitable for this blog.

I am asking these questions to you, because, I think you really have dug deep for writing this review, and probably can give a sound advice.

BTW, you won a RSS subscriber, and that’s me.

Comment by jfc
2008-01-03 20:50:02

Hi Silki,

Kontera? Noooooooo! You must not have read my other review posts. :)

My advice is to try different things to get a better CTR and, ultimately, better conversions.

For example, you could try my “Big Honkin’ Ads” method. You’ll almost certainly get a higher CTR if the ads catch your reader’s attention but the conversion might be on the low side.

You might also look at various eBook and digital product offers that have value to your readers. Remember that search traffic from Google will usually convert better than long time readers. Since a lot of your content is focused on helping people solve problems with Windows and the like, this might be a good area to find complementary products.

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