Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford


Here’s another Hulu video from Saturday Night Live. In this one, from 2006, features Steve Martin trying to understand the logic of a get out of debt plan called, “Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford”



Even though it’s presented as humor it’s actually seriously good financial advice, if you can’t afford it you shouldn’t buy it.

If you live outside the US you can’t view Hulu videos at this time unless you were to use a US based proxy server.


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Comment by Candle Monkey
2008-01-01 07:41:39

Hi Frank,

Isn’t it ironic that simple comedy is so often more true than much of the real “self-help” stuff that’s out there?

I think I’ll forward this to my 15 year old son.

Thanks … keep havin FuN!

Comment by jfc
2008-01-01 11:26:35

Hi Todd,

Yeah, sometimes I feel like Steve Martin’s character in the skit. :)

Comment by david
2008-01-01 15:21:37

Oh definitely! Or else you will be in a whole lot of debt!

Comment by jfc
2008-01-01 15:40:18

Hi David,

It always amazes me when I watch home buying reality shows where they say something like, “Bill and Joan have a combined income of $80,000 a year and they’re looking for a starter home for around $450K.”

Comment by Saedel
2008-01-01 16:04:46

I’ve seen this skit before, but it never gets old. ;) Thanks for sharing.

2008-01-29 20:27:26

[…] Martin said it best in the SNL skit: “Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford”. addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title […]

2008-08-08 23:34:34

A gem of a comedy act. Steve Martin is great! Good advice, too. My Dad, however, in his attempt to keep me from buying things I could not afford, once told me to never have a checking account or a credit card, to always use cash. I saved up a lot of money and was ready to put a down payment for my first house. Brick wall. Could not get a loan…NO CREDIT HISTORY In the year it took me to apply for credit cards, use them, etc., the housing market in my area went through the roof and the price of homes doubled in one year. Thanks, Dad.

Comment by Linda
2008-12-23 23:08:29

You should have gotten a conventional loan. They don’t use Credit Reports. Check out Dave Ramsey, he will tell you how. Or better yet, just keep saving. I don’t know of anyone who can’t buy a house with 100% down — paying CASH!! You have a SMART DAD!!

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