MSNBC Catches Up With Niche Blogging

MSNBC Catches Up With Niche Blogging

People who’ve been keeping score have noticed that the real money to be made in blogging isn’t in talking about making money blogging but in blogging about a particular niche. MSBNC’s business pages caught up with this trend in this article: Casual blogging not just lunch money now.

In it, they interview a guy by the name of Zach Brooks who, according to the article, makes $1000 a month simply blogging about places to eat in midtown Manhattan in New York City. Take a look at his blog and you’ll see how niche blogging works, good targeted content with good targeted ads. Now that’s how to make money off of ‘fine dining’ even if you aren’t a ‘dotcom mogul’.

Another person they interviewed for the article was Samuel Chi, a sports journalist and statistician who posts his calculations on college football rankings on his blog, BCS Guru. His site isn’t fancy at all but, according to the article, it brought in $8000 over the past college football season.

Adsense or AdCENTS?

AdCENTSThe article really talks up Google’s Adsense but, if you read closely and look at the two sites mentioned above, you’ll see that the real money is being made through ads that target their niche, such as a football ticket broker, or complementary niches, things of specific interest to NYC midtowners.

Adsense earnings can be quite fickle. As I discovered recently, your ads can get ’smart priced’ due to a low converting site with traffic, like OpTempo, and hurt your earnings on your niche sites that are converting well.

Also, since you have little control over the links it displays, might take your visitors to competitors’ sites. Remember, a niche without a competitor doesn’t exist, at least doesn’t exist for long.

No Ramp Needed

The RampAnother interesting thing in the article is that both Brooks and Chi say that the blogs only needed minimal promotion to get where they’re at. They didn’t have to go around commenting on blog after blog or submitting links to every directory in sight. I’d also guess they didn’t have to actively work at getting Dugg or Stumbled either. Nor did they need an expensive paid review to ‘ramp up’. Do they worry about the next Google PR update? I doubt it.

From what I gather from the article, all they had to do is get mentioned in a few niche related forums or social networking sites and that traffic, along with search traffic, got their sites to where they are today.

Take the time to read the MSNBC article and take a look at the two sites. There’s a lot of good information there, particularly if you read between the lines. If you have some thoughts on it, please leave a comment and we’ll discuss it.


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2007-12-29 12:19:31

[…] way. YOU NEED TO OWN THIS @#$@# NICHE!!!!   Frank from wrote an article named MSNBC Catches Up With Niche Blogging that at the time I just said wow some one is right on track. Now because I am so slammed I can not […]

Comment by Vic
2007-12-29 14:55:59

Mmm Hey Frank could you edit my track back and fix you know what. Sorry did not think the trackback would take that excerpt



Comment by jfc
2007-12-29 16:28:14

Thanks for the mention and the heads-up Vic.

Comment by Chanya
2007-12-30 20:55:43

This motivates me to work harder on developing a niche blog. I mean think about it - how much did either guy know about SERPs, CPC, or CTR when they set up their sites? Probably next to nothing. People that KNOW these things have a great advantage over others that don’t but yet many of us (that hope to make money online) sit on the sidelines. I’m in that category myself right now but I’m working on changing that.

Good post with real world examples of niche blogging successes.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-30 21:40:57

Thanks for stopping by Chanya,

I should have also mentioned this article of mine, Making Money With Adsense Even If You’re Old and Gray. It talks about some people with very simple niche websites who’re making a good amount of money on things like cookie recipes and home improvement info.

Comment by Chanya
2007-12-31 08:17:51

Frank: you’re right, that’s a great companion piece.

Also, I’m still psyched about what I read yesterday about the site. You know, that model could be followed in almost any city. And if you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to eat out you could set up your site as a forum and let diners submit reviews. I just checked and for my town (population 150k) there are only a few restaurant review sites and the highest ranked site has a page rank of 3. Hmmn.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Candle Monkey
2008-01-01 08:04:43

Hi Frank,

This definitely good stuff. I haven’t been getting much sleep the past few weeks because of all the useful information that’s being shared about niche blogging here lately.

I really like the local angle. I have a 5 year old domain name that I’m dusting off to start a Hawaii news site. Hope to have it up and running in the next few weeks. I might just come to you for another review (if you don’t mind) … since I found the last one (SuccessWithTodd) so helpful.

Catch up with you again soon,

Comment by jfc
2008-01-01 11:24:17

Hi Todd,

Your Candle Monkey site is an interesting niche site. One suggestion though, scented candles and parrots don’t mix. In fact, some of these candles are toxic to them. It’s one of those pain-in-the-butt things about owning a parrot, like not using teflon coated cookware.

On the review thing, I’ve been thinking about switching OpTempo over to almost 100% reviews so that I can free up time to work on my niche sites that are already deployed and under construction.

Comment by Anita Bishop
2009-06-15 13:09:55

also, done with bill maher, d.l.hughley both are just, killing obama with there crazy ass jokes. thanks

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