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Sandro requested a Free Blog Review of the blog,

So here it is…

What is

sandrophoto.png is, as you might guess from the name, a photo blog. Sandro Dzneladze is the photographer for all of the pictures on the blog. The About page reveals a little more but some additional details, like a self-portrait would be nice since this is a photo blog after all. Their phone number is listed on the About page, something that isn’t recommend unless you’re promoting a business venture.

Site Design/Theme uses a 2 column WordPress theme with a left sidebar. The black, blue and white theme, which might be a little on the plain side for an average blog, works well as a photo blog since it emphasizes the photos so well. The rotating header photo adds an unexpected touch.

The photo gallery pages are well done, using an AJAX plugin to display individual photos without having to load a whole separate page. This is an excellent way to handle this in a photo blog.

Navigation of the site could use some work. I’d recommend pushing the Category/Archive/Inside section that’s at the bottom of the sidebar to the top, just below the blog title and header photo. The tag cloud in this theme doesn’t format well, creating an messy overlapping look. The cloud might be OK if it was formatted better. I’d also recommend dropping the Meta section since this is useless to visitors.

Monetization is a single 336×280 Adsense block in the sidebar. Is this worthwhile? I’m not sure. If the site is being used to promote Sandro’s services as a photographer, I’d recommend getting rid of it unless it’s producing a over $100 a month in revenue. Why? It distracts from the purpose of the site, promoting Sandro’s skill as a photographer, and may steer potential customers to competitors.

Lastly, if the site is being used to promote Sandro as a photographer, I’d recommend getting their name more up front to get a more personalized feel to it.


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so you’ll have to visit Sandro’s blog to see the pictures. While all of the photos are excellent, here are a few of the posts I liked.

In Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens, Sandro does a review of this lens while presenting some very nice photos to demo it.

Black and White, the photographer’s friend.

And here are some great photos of Budapest, Hungary

It seems that the posting has been a bit light in recent weeks. They may want to increase this to build a larger portfolio.

One thing that might be helpful is to increase the length of the text on some of the posts. While people don’t need this, Google does, and without Google, few people will find your blog. More reviews of camera gear should also attract search visitors. Sandro might consider monetizing these review posts individually with a good affiliate offer related to photography rather than depending on Adsense.


Impressive photography is the highlight of My main suggestion would be to make navigation a little more obvious and to drop Adsense if the blog is intended as a professional presence blog rather than a personal photo blog.

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Comment by Sandro Dzneladze
2008-02-12 09:06:51

Thanks for this review! You actually made me reconsider some of the issues, and I found that there is some space for improvement. Its always good to have 2rd party opinion :D

So, I reorganized navigation system, pushed categories up as you proposed.

Thanks again!

Comment by jfc
2008-02-15 12:04:53

Hi Sandro,

I’m glad the review helped you.

2009-05-04 01:32:31

Every time I see an attractive photoblog it makes me think I should make a bit more of an effort with my photography - maybe this year I’ll be able to buy more gear and use it as a tax write off!

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