Blog Review: The WWW Observer

Juggler requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, The WWW Observer

So here it is…

What is The WWW Observer?

Blog Review: The WWW Observer

The About page doesn’t say a whole lot about the author, only “Just a kid who likes Math and pi so much.” It goes on to say that The WWW Observer is a, “SEO blog which is dedicated to bringing you the latest news on the internet, reviews on web hosts and other internet-related websites and SEO tips & tricks.” According to the archive listing the blog was started in May 2007.

Site Design/Theme

The WWW Observer is a WordPress blog that uses a 2 column, white and blue, theme with a right side bar. The theme seems a bit on the dull side. The logo is kind of faded and doesn’t jump out at you. There isn’t much to entice a visitor into reading. This might be good if the objective is to get the user to leave via an advertisement on a targeted niche blog but may not be good if you want visitors to be ’sticky’.

Navigation is adequate. I’d recommend getting the featured posts near the top. Few new visitors are going to work their way down to the footer to read this list.

I noticed on some of the posts that had pictures that there was no margin between the picture and the text. Juggler should add a 5 pixel margin between text and pictures to give them both some breathing room.

The monetization of the site concentrates on a block of 6 125×125 ads you’ve seen on just about every SEO, meta-blogging, and make money online blog you’ve ever visited. There is also a header banner 468×60 that’s rotating ads, 4 120 x 60 footer ads and paid text links. In one post, Juggler says that the links are for advertising, not buying ‘link juice’, which is good but on the advertising page he says “This blog is PR3, so all you PR people there, this is a great opportunity to boost your PR!”. He needs to correct this one way or the other.

While selling links privately rather than through a broker can increase earnings, it doesn’t look like these are selling at his asking price that well. Also, on the 125×125’s he’s advertising Text Link Ads affiliate program. From what I understand TLA isn’t paying an affiliate commission at this time. I’d recommend finding different advertising for the ad spaces in order to avoid showing what everyone and their brother is showing on their site.

Articles on the site often contain affiliate links. I’d guess this probably does a better job converting than the graphical banners do.


The content is your typical, basic, SEO and blogging for money type advice. Here are some of the highlights:

Robots.txt Guide is a good introduction to those robots that visit your site regularly.

In Link Building Myths Juggler unravels a few link building myths you’ll hear from time to time. I thought this one was better than some his featured articles.

And here’s some common sense advice from Juggler on anchor text: Relevant Keywords as Your Anchor Text.


While I thought the site wasn’t bad, I thought it lacked a little in the originality department. You can cruise StumbleUpon or the 45n5 Top 100 “Make Money” blogs list and see much of the same info presented in much of the same way. My strongest recommendation would be to do some things that sets WWW Observer apart from the pack.

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