Blog Review: More Than WE Know

Liz Fuller requested a Free Blog Review of her blog, More Than WE Know

So here it is…

What is More Than WE Know?

Blog Review: More Than WE Know

Liz has an excellent about page, About Liz and the MoreThanWeKnow blog, that lists her purpose for the site, to help Women Entrepreneurs, and gives her impressive personal and professional credentials. According to the archives, the site has been in operation since August 2007. 

Site Design/Theme

More Than WE Know uses a professional looking, Web 2.0 style, theme with a sidebar on the left and right and content in the middle. While the theme looks good there is a slight spacing glitch on some of the entry areas, most notably the eBook request forms, in Firefox and I could not get the page to format correctly in IE7 due to these problems. I don’t know if I caught the site during some maintenance work or whatever but these issues should be looked at soon if they’re not already being addressed.

Navigation is good, with category, date archive and search all easily available. There is a page with a list of articles although a full sitemap would be a good addition.

Liz might also want to consider loading fewer articles on the front page. Right now this is at 10 and it would probably be better at 5. With the length and quality of the articles she writes, she might also consider a magazine style theme or just using partial posts on the front page and archives. This would help the overall load time of the site.

The monetization of the site appears to be focused on Liz softly selling her business development services which include project management, Six Sigma, and coaching with a focus on women entrepreneurs. Using a blog like this can be an effective way to build clients by networking. There are a few Amazon affiliate popup links in some articles.


As you would expect from the name, the blog focuses on women entrepreneurs. There are both interviews with women business owners and Liz’s own articles that offer a lot of good advice for entrepreneurs of either gender although the focus is on women. Here are some of the highlights.

The first article to catch my eye was the newest one, Today’s Woman Entrepreneur Amy Olson of Amy Olson Jewelry. In this article, Liz interviews Amy Olson, a jewelry maker. Since my wife makes jewelry and would like to get into selling it, reading this interview was helpful to us. There are many more interviews with women business owners throughout the blog that are also good reads.

I found this article, 3 Steps to Greater Approachability for Introverted Entrepreneurs, very good since I’m rather introverted and improving my approachability is something I have to work on a lot.

One other one I found quite good was Have More Energy for Your Business - Delegate at Home which gets into things you can do to free up your time as compared to how much your time is worth when you’re running a business.

Lastly, there’s this article with some helpful hints: How To Catch a Phish.


More Than WE Know is an excellent professional presence business blog. You can spend a lot of time reading the interviews and helpful articles and learn a lot. It would be very helpful to a novice woman entrepreneur. The only problem I noticed with it were the formatting glitches I mentioned above.

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Comment by Liz Fuller
2007-12-20 08:09:50

Thanks for reviewing my site. I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been working a bit on the formatting but it’s good to know about the problems in IE7. I use Firefox and sometimes IE6. I was aware I have more problems in IE6 but didn’t realize they might be even worse in IE7.

It really underscores the need to regularly check out the display of your blog on a variety of browsers.


Comment by jfc
2007-12-20 09:49:40

Hi Liz,

Mainly what I saw in all browsers was that the entry area for eBook requests was getting cut off or not locating in the correct position on the screen and that the submit button for comments was stretched out too far. It looks like the eBook thing is working OK now but the comments button is still stretched out.

Anyway, I hope my review of your site helps bring you some new readers.

2007-12-23 12:12:18

[…] last, I want to thank Frank Carr of OpTempo for his review of MoreThanWEKnow. Frank provided some good feedback on the looks of my blog, which I have already acted upon. If you […]

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