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Update 7/5/2008

Thomas has more of less discontinued this blog in favor of his new blog Stand Out Blogger.

Thomas Sinfield requested a Free Blog Review of his blog,

So here it is…

What is

Blog Review:

According to the about page the blog is written for reads who are interested in building an Internet business and doing online marketing. It also mentions that Thomas is from QLD, Australia and is the founder of website development and marketing company, WebPros.

Site Design/Theme

The blog is WordPress and use a custom, brownish, 2 column, theme. The right sidebar alternately splits to create a third column effect. The header graphics are unique and memorable. Overall it’s a well done theme although the contrast between the text and the background is not strong enough making key portions difficult to read. I would strongly recommend darkening the text.

Navigation is excellent in the blog. Popular and most recent posts are right up at the top. The only problems I note here are the previously mentioned contrast problem and that there is a little overflow on some of the columns due to title length.

The site has strong monetization with a 468×68 header ad, a block of 6 125×125 button ads, an ad for his eBook, text links to his BANS sites, a money making links section in the header and Kontera. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

First off, I’d recommend dumping Kontera due to it’s negative impact on user experience and generally irrelevant content unless you’re seeing a very strong click-thru and conversion rate on it.

On the 125’s and the header 468, take a look at the click-thru and conversion on them. Is it good? If not, try different ads or rotating ads to prevent banner blindness. You could even try rotating in different size individual or blocks of ads like I’m doing here (I’ve seen a considerable jump in CTR and CVR since moving away from ubiquitous 125’s).

Selling the ad space yourself is probably a good idea if people are buying. You can also ’sell’ this space to yourself and advertise your BANS stores in these slots. BANS usually converts good, if promoted in the right niche, and you shouldn’t bury them in a bottom level text link.

Thomas also seems to run contests regularly which is a good site promotion technique.


Since is about making money most of the articles deal with this in one way or another. Here are some of the highlights:

5 Randoms Acts Of Kindness That Will Surprise Your Fellow Bloggers! covers ways to interact with other bloggers that will help you build relationships that can benefit both parties.

I Hate Internet Marketers! is a nice rant about the typical Internet marketing technique of having pictures of sports cars and mansions on sales pages as hyped up ’social proof’.

5 Reasons Why You WILL Fail At Blogging! lists some common blogging mistakes.

In this article, BANS is it worth it? I made $2!, he discusses his initial experience with using the BANS script and his earnings, or lack thereof, and his plans for the future.

In general, the articles are good reads and have good advice. I think it would be great if he did an ongoing series on BANS or selling an eBook or the like to further separate his content from the herd of money bloggers a little more.

The contrast of the text to background did make it a struggle to read though. I wouldn’t have made the effort to read his articles if I wasn’t doing this review.

Overall is a good ‘make money’ style blog with a good design, except for the text contrast, and it has above average content.

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