Traffic Analysis: Blogging Zoom vs. EntreCard

Traffic Analysis: Blogging Zoom vs. EntreCard

I’ve had EntreCard installed about a week now so, spurred on by this article by Vic, I decided to compare and contrast the traffic I’m getting from EntreCard versus what I’m getting from other sources. While I usually check WordPress stats daily, I don’t use Google Analytics as often. I had noticed a definite uptick in traffic since I installed EntreCard but I hadn’t really examined it for quality.

EntreCard: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am

EntreCard: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’amThe traffic from EntreCard is primarily focused on one thing and one thing only, dropping a card and moving on to the next site. During the time period from December 4, when I installed the widget, through December 11 I had 116 visitors from EntreCard. 90% of these visitors were new, which is good. Having new people discovering your site helps it grow. Unfortunately, these visitors only stayed long enough to find the card and go. The average time on site for these visitors was a mere 46 seconds, viewed one page and they bounced to another site, exiting through the card widget, 90.52% of the time.

This indicates that a large portion of EntreCard traffic is junk traffic. It may help increase Alexa stats a bit but it doesn’t contribute to the growth of the site or the monetization of the site.

However, the 10% that did stick around was actually quality traffic. They exited through advertising links, left comments, stumbled an article and viewed multiple pages. Is this small amount of quality traffic of value? For now, I think it is.

The bottom line is that EntreCard isn’t going to bring you quality traffic but it will bring traffic, unlike BlogRush. It’s probably worth keeping around but I’d bury it near the bottom of your sidebar, sandwich it between big ad blocks or do other things that will make a visitor have to give your site more than a few seconds.

Blogging Zoom: Slow and Steady

Blogging Zoom: Slow and Steady During the same time period, Blogging Zoom sent 55 visitors, 80% of them being new. These visitors did stick around long enough to read an article, clocking in at an average time on site of 2:47 with a bounce rate of 61.82%. Visitors from Blogging Zoom were, as best I can tell, more likely to stumble post, click ads or leave comments.

Another side effect that I may be seeing from Blogging Zoom is a rise in hits from Google. Vic and Court had mentioned that one of their goals with BZ was to improve participants’ organic search results. I’m not sure if it’s this site getting out of the ’sandbox’, the BZ effect or what, but organic Google searches have at least tripled in the past two weeks.

My take on Blogging Zoom so far is that is something that will build slowly but it should bring a good amount of quality traffic, people who’ll stick around and interact with your site.

The Real Champs: StumbleUpon, Google and Other Blogs

Knocking out the competition The best traffic I’m getting is from StumbleUpon and Google.

During the same time frame, SU sent close to 500 visitors and 87.67% were new. They hung around an average of 3:14 and had a bounce rate of 45.67%. Most of them did exit through the stumble button as best I can tell although some clicked ads.

Google sent around 300 visitors, 85% of them were new. Their average time on-site was 5:23 and a bounce rate of 43.67%. As I mentioned, this number has really jumped up since last month.

The other interesting thing that I noticed was the ‘long tail’ of referrals from other blogs. While individually these were less than 10 hits a piece they did add up to nearly 200 visitors and the average time on site was around 10 minutes and a bounce rate of around 35%.

Oh Noes, a Stats Post

Oops, I went and broke one of Vic’s rules by posting stats but I thought that people would find them interesting since the buzz about EntreCard is hot and heavy right now.

What do you think? Have you seen better stats from EntreCard? Have you even looked at the traffic quality? What are you getting out of Blogging Zoom? Leave a comment and let me know.


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Comment by Vic
2007-12-12 12:09:37

Frank for something like this I would never criticize the stats this is an awesome post backed up with numbers what else can you ask. One thing you brought up that I have to say I did not take into account and it is the Alexa benefit and this could be huge for the blog that does not attract Alexa toolbar readers.

Eventually Frank when this site explodes with Google traffic you will see that at then end of the day there is nothing like Google ;)

The person who comes to your site via a search is total target traffic he has one thing in his mind and if you provided it he sticks like glue.

Again buddy Kudos I loved the post. I love to debate with some one who can debate back and I always enjoy ours.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-12 13:00:10

Thanks for swinging by Vic,

I know what you mean about Google traffic. My VB.NET blog has been more or less on auto-pilot since I started OpTempo. I’ve got to do some more posts over there and maybe a theme change to it soon. However, it gets about 400-500 hits a day from Google just sitting there.

Comment by Mike Olbinski
2007-12-12 12:51:57

Frank, I was actually wondering myself why things have suddenly picked up in that regard and now I think I am finding out why.

Around 11-29, a few days after I started hitting BZ hard with submissions, my traffic from Google has gone nuts.

I have one post that I did on 9/24 that had amybe 40 views total in the first week or two, then one or two a day until 11/29. Suddenly, from that day on, I am getting like 20 views a day on it…and it’s old.

I think BZ is really helping in that regards and the Google traffic is so much more important sometimes than EntreCard type visitors.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-12 13:12:11

Hi Mike,

Google will bring in visitors to older posts. I’ve got older posts on my VB site that regularly get 30-50 hits a day. That’s why I don’t recommend plugins that turn off comments after a certain date.

BZ is probably a ‘force multiplier’ when it comes to bringing it Google traffic. I’m going to have to take the time to compare Google traffic to posts I submitted to BZ to those that I didn’t submit.

Comment by Vic
2007-12-12 13:45:51

Frank I have never understood that why people turn of there comments on old post it is so stupid I wished I could get aged post with new content every so often and have google give me more authority on the post because it keeps getting new fresh content. BTW I really need to install threaded comments at BU mmm;)

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2007-12-12 14:36:49

I think some do it as ’spam protection’ since a lot of comment spam comes in on older posts. This isn’t a factor if reasonable spam protection is used.

Others say that they want to keep the discussion focused on ‘current’ posts. I guess that goes back to the ’self-centered’ thing you’ve mentioned.

Comment by Matt Ellsworth
2007-12-12 14:47:30

Great analysis! I have been using entrecard for a while. I was waiting to see what the stats would show as after about 1000 visitors. But I think you are correct that most are there to drop the card.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-12 15:36:46

Hi Matt,

The stats will probably vary some from site to site for various reasons, however, I’d guess they would be close to the figures I posted.

As such, I don’t see it as worthwhile to spend a huge number of credits to buy a slot on a big namers site. An inexpensive site would perform just as well in bringing in ‘drive-by’ traffic.

Now that I think about it more, you should drop your card on sites where the owner is likely to be using the Alexa toolbar, ie the ‘make money’ categories. I’d guess many people use the dashboard as a jumping off point to do a card drop run. If they have Alexa installed this will help your numbers.

Comment by Ricky
2007-12-12 21:30:10

Hi Frank,

Thanks for visiting my blog, yeah I know that Entrecard’s traffic quality is not as good as the others, I know that for a fact, I do some “junk” visiting myself, although for those blogs that interests me, I stayed on & read some topics.

My blog was recently, re-launched & for a traffic hungry like me, it’s worth every click-throughs. Anyways, I had google analytics in place & will see after a week if it’s worth all the effort. I’m still in the process of evaluating every program that is available in the net. You have a couple of good finds that I might really try.


Comment by jfc
2007-12-12 22:01:05

Hi Ricky,

I’ll breeze through some sites too as I a ‘card run’ but I do feel a bit guilty about it sometimes. If the site is decent I’ll click ads, leave comments and the like.

As for my monetization here, it is really a “try it and see if it sticks” method. I’ve done several tightly focused sites, so I wanted to try something wide open with few self-imposed rules.

You may have noticed that I offer free blog reviews so you might want to apply for that if you want your relaunched blog evaluated.

Comment by costa
2007-12-12 21:38:20

Very informative. Came via Vic’s blog, I never analyse my traffic and like I told Vic, being the noob that I am, I am already grateful someone is dropping by my blog. LOL. Maybe I should look at the traffic I get more seriously now.

And just for the heck of it, I dropped my card in your Widget. I still have some credits left, think I’ll spend it on your blog. :-)

Comment by jfc
2007-12-12 22:11:12

Hi Costa,

I just stumbled your “Blogging Straight To The Point” article. That should send a nice little wave of traffic through your site :)

But you shouldn’t complain about traffic, your Alexa is higher than mine.

You should analyze your traffic often because that lets you know if your promotional methods are working or not. Remember Vic analyzes traffic from an online marketing point-of-view which is much more strict/brutal than the average blogger does it. But, if you want to build serious traffic, he knows how to do it.

Comment by Mitch at Money News
2007-12-13 03:04:09

Hi Frank,

First of all thanks for stopping by my site, and dropping a card off via Entrecard. I’ve found that doing so usually brought someone back to my site especially if they were new with not too many cards in the inbox yet, or if I repeatedly dropped numerous cards over a few days.

I notice that the ones who come from the Entrecard site itself don’t stay for long, but many of them are repeat card droppers. I think I just need to post a catchy post to make them stay, and read something. Those stats you are getting is eerily similar. 90% bounce rate from the fly by night card droppers, and averaged 1 min.

The ones who came in via ads that I placed on other people’s sites tended to stay on the page longer. Their bounce rates were marginally lower(about 10-15% lower), and page view/times were up(average 1min 40sec). I’ve been picking up newly added sites for fairly cheap(5 credits and under), and well I’ve been getting alot of repeat visitors from them coming in via the ads again. Its nice that the Entrecard site, is different from the Entrecard ad site to see the difference in visitor logs.

I haven’t tried Blogging Zoom yet to really compare the two so that’s something I’ll need to take a look at now.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-13 12:07:50

Hi Mitch,

I’m not sure a catchy post title would do it reliably. These people are on a mission to find that little button, click it and move on. Of course, one of my strategies I’m trying here is to distract them by putting the button between big honkin’ ads. :)

I do recommend that if you use EntreCard try to be kind and provide some value to your visit when you’re ‘carding’ around. I try to treat it just like I do when I’m using the stumble button to check out sites.

Comment by Mitch at Money News
2007-12-13 14:18:39

Yup, and I just joined Blogging Zoom today to try it out. Always nice to find new tools.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by david
2007-12-13 11:55:39

A great post on blogging zoom and entrecard. Do you submit all your posts to blogging zoom?

Comment by jfc
2007-12-13 12:02:05

Hi David,

I don’t submit reviews, paid or free, or video posts most of the time. If something is exceptional in one of these I’ll submit it. My regular articles I’ll usually submit.

Comment by Manick
2007-12-14 10:44:46

Good post. After the BlogRush saga, I am a bit reluctant to sign up for Entrecard. I thought this also will go BR’s way soon.

I am getting some good traffic from BloggingZoom. But, I didn’t really notice any great increase in my Google traffic. Maybe I need to take another look at my stats.

I love your images. They are great. I am a bit jealous. Well done! Keep it up!

Comment by jfc
2007-12-14 11:57:46

Thanks Manick,

EntreCard does have some flaws in it but it’s bringing in traffic right now, even if it’s mostly junk traffic. Once it stops performing or they screw it up with rules or other stuff I’ll drop it.

Google traffic from BZ seems to be a slow build-up, not a burst of traffic. Vic can tell you more about it but I gather it has to do with how Google views the authority of your site for certain keywords.

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