Review: Bad Credit Offers

Review: Bad Credit Offers

One question that comes up often these days is, “How can I get a loan when I’ve got bad credit?” With a looming credit crunch anyone in the market for a housing or auto loan is looking for the best options they can find given their financial situation. One web site offering to solve this problem is Bad Credit Offers.

What Service Do They Provide?

If you’re like me you get a ton of offers in the mail trying to sell you on a particular credit plan. If you’ve had credit problems in the past you’ll get many promising help in correcting your credit. Bad Credit Offers helps you find the bad credit loan that fits your needs by doing a comparison between several different competing loan companies.

For example, if you’re looking for a bad credit loan for an auto purchase, they have you covered. The same with a home equity loans, personal loans or credit cards. Their goal is to find programs that someone with less than stellar credit can use to rebuild their credit history and improve their lot in life financially.

A Perfect Affiliate Mini-Site

OK, so why would I do a sponsored review of a credit offer site? Because it’s one of the best affiliate mini-sites I’ve run across recently.

Many bloggers love to talk about how to make money online, a lot, but here’s someone doing an excellent job of actually doing it. Go to their site and observe how it’s laid out. See how it is always totally “on message” when it comes to directing the visitor toward money making offers. Notice the lack of a sleaze factor. You get the feeling that they have the desire to help the visitor solve a problem, not just turn a quick buck. Observe the clean and functional web design. All of these are key ingredients in creating a high performance affiliate mini-site.

While I wouldn’t suggest that you copy them directly, particularly since bad credit loans is such a highly competitive niche, you should look at their site with an eye for how you can create your own mini-site for a niche of your choosing. With a little work and a little investment in advertising you can do well.

The Bottom Line

Bad Credit Offers is a site you should visit for two different reasons. First, if you’re looking for a bad credit loan, they’re a good resource. Secondly, if you’re wondering about how to build a money making mini-site, they’re a good lesson in how to do it well.


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Comment by Mishi
2007-12-15 22:43:51

It can be hard to get a loan especially with a history of bad credit, but since online financial services that offer bad credit loans seem ubiquitous nowadays, personal loans are much more flexible and accessible. Thanks for the info!

Comment by jfc
2007-12-16 09:15:14


You know, commenting on a competitor’s sponsored post with your URL and keyworded name just ain’t cool. In fact, it could get you marked for Akismet spam. As you may know, it already has. I pulled your comment out of the filter since it too is an example, an example of what not to do. Consider buying Sponsored Reviews and Adwords to promote your site, just like Bad Credit Offers does.

Comment by Saedel
2007-12-28 16:45:31

Wow, Frank that’s pawnage! hehe. I visited this post because I registered my blog at … been reading alot lately (Vic’s, Griz’,s and yours) to learn more about monetization and what’s the best option for me. I hope approves my blog, I’m having second thoughts on PPP after reading your article about it and today, Vic’s list on PR slap.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-28 17:20:51

Hi Saedel,

The same problem exists on Sponsored Reviews, people looking for PR rather than an actual review. For most of them, you could write nonsense but as long as you had their anchor text keywords on your PR4 site they could care less.

The thing I like about SR vs. PPP/Smorty is that they don’t require that you dofollow in their rules although an advertiser can require it individually. I just don’t sign up for offers that require it.

Here’s what works in favor of Bad Credit Offers in spite of the nofollows. Do a Google search on Bad Credit Offers Reviewed, Credit Offers Reviewed or similar combinations of that. You won’t see their site but you’ll see many blogs where they’ve paid for a review all sitting in the top positions. The searcher clicks on the blog, reads a bit of the review, and clicks onward to Bad Credit Offers’ site. As I’m sure Vic and Grizz would put it, PR doesn’t matter, search position does.

Comment by Kenward Claire
2008-01-04 05:52:27

The foremost concern of a person having a bad credit status who wants to avail a loan is the interest rate. Bad credit loans in general carry very high interest rate. It is difficult to find a lender offering bad credit loans at low interest rate but it’s not impossible. Bad credit loans offered at competitive interest rate are known as cheap bad credit loans. For more information log on

Comment by jfc
2008-01-04 07:05:41

Bad move there Kenward,

Please see my advice to Mishi above if you want to promote your bad credit mini-site. You may have noticed that I pointed your URL’s to

I didn’t mark you as Akismet spam but you’ll get marked that way by somebody if you keep going the the direction you’re headed.

What’s funny is that you could have requested a free review from me if you had taken the time to discover this by reading my site rather than being in a hot hurry to drop a link laden comment on a competitor’s review. I probably would have rejected it though because your site, although decent looking, is terribly incomplete.

Comment by autoprt
2008-08-22 03:10:38

Loans LOW Credit scores ok.

The approval rate is about 55-60 percent. There are no upfront fees involved.

Oops! My links are gone and my IP address has been added to the spam filter. I guess it wasn’t a good idea to spam this post!

Comment by fassd
2009-07-25 01:02:45

Bad Credit Personal Loans are readily available across the country even if you have experienced bad credit problems such as in bankruptcies, delinquencies, foreclosures, repossessions or other adverse credit problems.

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