Googlenoia Update #2


I thought I’d do another Googlenoia Update since I’ve found a few more examples of it and it’s a good opportunity to hand out some all natural, 100% organic, PR free backlinks to people who’re greatly concerned over what random direction Google may take next.

It seems that Google has it in for Terry Didcott at The Honest Way as we can see in these two articles, No More Do-Follow and Honestly, Does The Slap Now Extend To Squidoo Lenses?. In response, it looks like he’s put a nofollow link condom on every link on his blog, even his internal ones. That seems a bit extreme to me but since perhaps Google is after him based on past behavior, it may not be that extreme after all, for him.

Over at My Blog Quest the author of that blog is concerned that the WordPress blogroll might incur a PR penalty so they’ve come up with this idea: Wordpress Hack To Increase Your Google PageRank Value. While limiting outbound links to advertising and sites that don’t need a PR boost, like Wikipedia, is a good idea, nofollowing your online friends is, well, not very nice and actually devalues Google’s results. You should only do this if your blogroll is, in fact, spammy.

Up and coming blogger Wayne Liew is doing away with DoFollow on his blog due to Google fears: Ending Do-Follow for Google. While I agree with some of his reasons for not using DoFollow, notably opening the door to unwanted spammers, I disagree with the idea that the idiotic change in Blogger comments has anything to do with an upcoming penalty on sites that have external links of any kind. Once again, such a penalty would devalue Google’s algorithms.

Now, if you’re wanting to delve into dark gray territory to get one up on Google, check out this post on ComTech News: How to protect your blog from Google and Make more money with Paid Blogging Services. One thing the author of this article, Jack Spirko, forgets is that Google is a registar and as such can, from what I understand, obtain secure domain ownership information. That’s important to consider if you think Google has become truly evil.

Daniel Schulman has this kind of off-the-cuff take on if he’ll draw a penalty for accepting a free ticket in this article: Blue Man Group, Paid Posts, and Google Lovin’. It’s a good question, does cash have to exchange hands for it to be a paid link/review by Google?

And, lastly, over at Blogging India Mohan describes how to get your PR mojo back from Dr. Evil: I got my PR back! 5 Steps to get back yours!

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic.


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Comment by Terry Didcott
2007-12-10 02:31:20

Thanks for the mention! Actually I don’t have a condom on ALL my outgoing links. If you check out the blogroll, they’re all open! So are any links in my posts that are to other blogs and sites of people I know etc.

The unfortunate part is I still also have some open links to paid review sites, which I can’t shut down until I’ve been paid for them - I did the work and I quite rightly want to be paid for it!

I am systematically no-following all paid review links older than a month that have been paid for - that’s fair enough from the advertiser’s point of view as they’d only get a month’s worth of paid links if they went to TextLinkAds and it’d cost them more too!

I’ll be doing the same on my Mame Money Blog which lost its PR and once all the links are gone there, I’ll take the advice of Mohan and try and get it back.

That will be interesting…

Comment by jfc
2007-12-10 12:19:56

Hi Terry,

The “paid review to get PR” strategy always seemed a bit off to me. A review will scroll off the front page of a blog rather quickly, maybe in a week or so, and thus into PR oblivion afterward unless the blog owner specifically optimized for it. But, as long as they’re paying you, who cares, right?

I also understand that review brokers don’t like magazine style themes like I use here that don’t have full front page articles.

Of course, I’m just sticking with paid reviews that are OK with nofollow and full disclosure. These aren’t as common but there are some advertisers who do actually want buzz, not PageRank.

2007-12-10 02:49:38

[…] recent events and conjectures concerning what Google may or may not be up to. He’s called it Googlenoia Update #2 and I think it’s an interesting aside to all the current fears and worries that bloggers, […]

Comment by Terry Didcott
2007-12-10 02:52:42

PS: Just to show I haven’t gone into hibernation under a very large rock, I just posted a “Link Love” and gave you and some of the other bloggers who commented at The Honest Way a free link!

I hope that restores people’s faith in my intentions, which are, after all, honest!


Comment by jfc
2007-12-10 12:22:16

Thanks for the link Terry,

I didn’t think your intentions were bad at all, just that you were perhaps a bit too worried about where Google was going next. You certainly aren’t the only one using a lot of caution with linking.

Comment by Wayne Liew
2007-12-10 22:06:58

First of all, thanks for the link.

The change in Blogger comment section is showing signs of it but I don’t think it will be here until at least the next Page Rank update. Speculations of it perhaps. What will be your opinion on such a move by Google? Why is it necessary for them to remove links from all Blogspot’s comment section?

I know Google’s algorithm will be greatly devalued with such a move but many are gaming the the algorithm through the strategy they call, blog comment link building in forum discussions. This is the reason why I think giving out free links through comments might get the attention of Google soon.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-10 23:58:56

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for stopping by.

I think the change in comments on BlogSpot was done to prevent comment spamming there. As I’m sure you’re aware, they’re a haven for splogs and by taking this rather useless step they’re seen as “doing something” about it. What worries me is how clumsy this move was, it reminded me of something Microsoft would do, not something Google would do.

I think that comment based link building should be OK with Google because it’s more likely to add value than not. Most ‘dofollow’ bloggers will delete or delink “Hey! Nice article!” type comments, or they should, and leave in meaningful ones. Using DoFollow or even Top Commentators requires that one keep a tight rein on comments. If you don’t you may well get a penalty for linking to a ‘bad neighborhood’ site.

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