Blog Review: Free Home Business Tips

Trent Brownrigg requested a Free Blog Review of the blog, Free Home Business Tips and here it is…

What is Free Home Business Tips?

Blog Review: Free Home Business Tips

I couldn’t find much about Trent from the links on the blog but, by going to his home/sales page I was able to get some info about him and what his blog is about (selling eBooks). From looking at his archives he’s been blogging since 2004.

Site Design/Theme

This blog is a Blogger blog. The template is a rather ordinary looking 2column one.

As is typical with Blogger blogs, I found the navigation clumsy at best. I had trouble digging up content I might be interested in reading beyond the most recent posts. There were no obvious links to individual posts. All in all, I found it rather uninviting to explore his content.

Since Google, in yet another anti-competitive move, has decided to partially disable comments by commentators who don’t have a Blogger account, I suspect this will harm the level of conversation on this blog. Commenting on Blogger blogs was already tedious and this most recent move makes them even more unfriendly. I don’t think this bothers Trent too much since he states that he’s looking for search engine traffic that converts for his eBook offers.

Monetization is provided by Adsense and links going to eBook offers. Given the apparent amount of search traffic he gets, I suspect this combo works rather well.


In this article, Trent describes why he favors a Blogger blog: What Is Your Favorite Blogging Platform? He breaks down his preference toward Blogger to the supposed SEO benefits of one since he believes that Google would favor a site they own over sites they don’t. For Google’s sake, they better hope that’s not provable in Federal court.

Beyond that, I found an unacceptable level of articles that had obviously been copied from article farms and reworked a little bit to avoid duplicate penalties or articles that were simply sales pitches for eBooks.


As a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool, the site probably works very well. As a blog, I found it rather disappointing. Sorry Trent.

Get Your Site Reviewed

If you would like your site reviewed by me for free, just like Trent Brownrigg did, use my Free Blog Review page to request one. Since I’ve gotten quite a back log I’m going to be doing two at a time spaced out about every 4-5 posts until I get caught up.


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Comment by Y. S.
2007-12-24 22:28:26

Wow, that was a little harsh! I can’t wait till my blog is reviewed!!! Its always good to hear some honest opinions on your work.

I’m not sure about what you said regarding not being able to comment on blogger blogs without accounts. As far as I know, any one can comment on blogger ( if the blog author allows so) … Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Comment by jfc
2007-12-24 22:55:56

Hi Y.S.,

I think giving an honest evaluation makes it of value to the reader and the blog owner. Gathering other’s honest impressions when money isn’t a factor usually helps improve a site. As I said, Trent’s site is probably quite good as a search engine marketing tool so if that’s the aspect of the site he wants to emphasize he knows he’s on the right track.

Google did take away the ability for non-Google users to leave a comment with their URL for a few weeks. Within the past few days they’ve restored this ability.

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