Googlenoia Update #1


I had posted this article earlier, Do You Have “Googlenoia”?, and I thought it was worth a quick update to share some followed link juice (not that I have any yet since OpTempo is so new but it sounds good anyway).

Elliott Cross wrote this post, Do Follow Google Smack Down?, concerning the fear that Google will next apply a slap on WordPress blogs using the “Do Follow” plugin. This is based on the recent, misguided, change to Blogger blogs to not allow comment links. Eric says he’s not Googlenoid but he does worry about what will happen to PageRank in the future.

Costa on Blog Gigs points to a NoFollow Plugin in this post, A NoFollow Plugin to Appease The Raging Giant. The plugin itself is available from Matt Geri on his blog here: WordPress Plugin: Add NoFollow to WordPress Posts. It’s the perfect plugin for those who have a raging case of Googlenoia.

Do you have Googlenoia? If you’re not afraid of having a followed link from OpTempo to your site, leave me a comment to your Googlenoid article and I’ll include your site in my next Googlenoia update. If you think Googlenoia is silly, let me hear from you too.


EDIT: A quick fix, that should have been ‘Elliot’, not ‘Eric’, Cross.


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Comment by Mike
2007-12-03 16:00:10

I have no Googlenoia, but perhaps that is because I don’t have ads up nor am making any money off it :)

I assume if this were my sole source of cash, I might :)

Comment by jfc
2007-12-03 16:20:56

Hi Mike,

PR is really only concern when you’re wanting to sell your link juice and Google doesn’t like that at all. Otherwise it shouldn’t matter. What should matter would be the amount of traffic a site receives, particularly traffic that’s targeted toward a particular demographic if you’re selling advertising.

2007-12-03 17:32:17

I don’t have googlenoia, but they do represent a large chunk of traffic for my site so maybe I should!

Comment by jfc
2007-12-03 17:42:04

Hi David,

Google traffic has been rather light on OpTempo, probably due to the site age. This will probably change over time. My other sites that have PR’s between 1 and 4 haven’t been affected by it.

Ultimately, all sites depend a lot of Google traffic so it is something to be concerned about. However, I don’t think one should be paranoid about it and change things about linking on their site that Google has never mentioned in “da rules”.

2007-12-12 00:47:07

[…] Googlenoia Update #1 | OpTempo - Googlenoia continues to sweep the blogosphere. Several bloggers are concerned that having virtually any kind of followed link from your site is sure to cause a PageRank slapdown by Google. Here are some links to sites where this is mentioned and a chance to have your Googlenoid link added to the mix. […]

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