November OpTempo Stats Wrap-up

A trained monkey could write this blog!

November was OpTempo’s second month of operation. Here’s my report on the various stats for the month.




Traffic wasn't burning things up this monthTraffic was heavy the first part of the month but lightened up toward the end of the month. I think this was due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US along with my slightly slower posting and promotional schedule during this time as well. The theme switch may have also contributed to this since there were some early glitches.

There were about 3000 unique visitors to OpTempo during November.

Nearly 80% of visitors here used the Firefox browser with 17% using IE.

StumbleUpon sent the most traffic my way at about 45%. Blogging Zoom accounted for 8% and Google a paltry 6%. The rest are either direct/unknown, other social bookmarking sites or from a long tail of blogs that I’ve left comments on.

My biggest keywords from search were for the Burger King’s Homestyle Melts and SitePal posts. I don’t rank that well in search for these terms directly but they both picked up a decent number of hits on the long tail.

My traffic goals going forward are to work on getting more pages showing up in Google and to see if I can do further promotion to build traffic from additional sources.


rss was disappointingI had hoped to boost RSS subscribers to at least 100 but this figure has been stubbornly stuck at about 50 all month, give or take 10 subscribers on a particular day.




Monetization - not earning a wheelbarrow of moneyThis has been rather disappointing so far with the site earning right at $15 for the month. This was from Adsense, ScratchBack and Sponsored Reviews. I’ll have to consider some other methods of making money from this site if I want to reach my goals. Expect to see adjustments to this over the next few weeks.




Creating ContentI produced 68 articles for the month, an average of 2.3 articles a day. I had planned on about 100 (3.3/day) but holiday plans put this out of the question.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more graphical elements into posts so you’ll be seeing more of this. Also remember to check the alt tags of images. Sometimes I’ll put little messages into them.



Goals Going Forward

Promotion, Promotion, PromotionI think the best objective for the future is to work on traffic building and general promotion rather than concentrating on specific numeric goals. Bringing in traffic should contribute to earnings as well.

I’m probably going to work a little more on the theme to try to make it more unique.

I’m going to be playing catch up on the Free Blog Reviews. I’ve built up quite a backlog due to the number of requests that have come in primarily from a ScratchBack campaign.

Any input you have on how I can make improvements on OpTempo is appreciated!


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Comment by Saedel
2007-12-02 00:32:56

Hey Frank, just dropping by to say Congrats! 68 articles = plenty! I don’t even have 50! :P

I think your free review section is a great idea. Are you going to charge soon? I saw a post at BZ about $10 review, maybe you’re planning on doing it also?


Comment by jfc
2007-12-02 01:01:19

Hi Saedel,

68 after doing 200 in October seemed like slacking off. :)

On the blog reviews, I’ll probably keep them free although I may start limiting the number I accept per month after January. Not having money or reciprocal links involved makes them more useful I think.

Comment by Ivy
2007-12-03 19:49:38

Wow, you did 200 posts a month? That is awesome. My blog is only coming up to 2 months old (i.e. started professionally) and I am managing less than 100 posts.

Where do you find the time?

Comment by jfc
2007-12-03 21:29:54

Hi Ivy,

During my 200 post blitz some of the articles were rehashes of old blog or forum posts of mine, some were photo or video posts and some were commentary on news articles. All of these could be written quickly. I also didn’t always include graphics with post then either which sped things up. Plus, not having a fixed topic meant I could write on just about anything. For a niche based blog it would have been much more difficult.

Finding the time was tricky and that’s why I haven’t kept it up in November. I would spend up to about 6 hours a night loading up the draft posts and then publish them throughout the next day.

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