Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I’ll be out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US so my posting may be sporadic over the next few days. I don’t have a laptop so I’ll be using borrowed computers to post and respond to comments as best as I can. Here’s another seasonal picture for you.

Happy Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day


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Comment by Eric Socia
2007-11-20 23:25:59

Happy Turkey Day to you too, Frank. :)
I’ll be away the next couple of days as well, but I’m bringing my laptop with me to my girlfriend’s parents’ house, so I’ll probably be able to at least respond to comments and maybe even check up on the other blogs I’m subscribed to.
Have a great holiday!

Comment by jfc
2007-11-21 00:59:21

Have a good holiday Eric,

I’m borrowing my Mom’s laptop right now. It’s old, clunky, and tends to overheat. It also has an unpatched version of IE that crashes on several web sites, including mine. I had to install Firefox on it :D

Comment by Eric Socia
2007-11-21 03:05:07

HAH! How ridiculously ironic that it would crash on your own website. ;)

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Comment by jfc
2007-11-21 10:35:10

It was an out dated Flash plugin that was causing IE to crash left and right. Almost every page with Flash was crashing.

Comment by Ivy
2007-11-21 07:48:46

Happy Thanksgiving Frank! Your blog will be a lonely place without you… ;)

Comment by jfc
2007-11-21 10:38:45

Thanks Ivy,

I’ll try to get some posts in. Today we’re supposed to visit a Sea Turtle rehab center so that should make an interesting travel type post.

Comment by Saedel
2007-11-22 16:38:47

Just dropping by to greet you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I also wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your site. I personally think it’s useful and interesting to both tech people and newbie bloggers. I can honestly attribute that to your style of writing which is very readable.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Comment by jfc
2007-11-22 21:35:15

Thanks Saedel,

I’m trying to find what works best for me. I’ve been writing in online forums since the 80’s but trying to put it in the context of a blog has been a challenge in some ways.

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