Blog Review: Ivy Online

Ivy Tan requested a Free Blog Review of her blog, Ivy Online and here it is…

What is Ivy Online?

Ivy Online

It’s the personal and Internet marketing blog of Ivy Tan. Here’s what she says about herself, “I’m a true city gal who enjoys all the modern conveniences there are while being a bohemian at heart. I like adventure on backpacking trips, and have great passion for the phenomena known as the Internet, and have made it my profession for 7 years.” From reading some articles on her blog I assume that she lives in Singapore but I’m not sure since she doesn’t say.

The blog has the subtitle, or title depending on how you look at it, of Marketing Tips For Making Money Through Blogging. Ivy didn’t start out the blog that way from what I gather but it kind of grew into that. It’s been active since September and has about 50 posts at this point.

Site Design/Theme

The site is WordPress using the YGo Loner theme that she modified. She actually does a review/explanation of her design in this post: How Web Design Can Affect Your Blog Branding: A Live Web Revamp Tutorial Part 2. I really can’t say any more than what she’s already said.

Navigation is good as is given the number of posts. Perhaps in the future a sitemap might be a good idea but it’s really not needed at this point.

Monetization is primarily Google Adsense and Kontera. I’m not a big fan on Kontera myself since I feel like it makes article text a popup minefield for users to navigate. But, if it makes good money, that’s great.


Ivy’s writing style reminds me a lot of Maki of DoshDosh. Her blogging and marketing articles are long, in depth, authoritative and readable. Here are some examples:

Her latest article as of this writing, Integrated Online and Offline Marketing for Money Making Blogs explores how to promote your blog offline.

In A Blogger’s Dictionary: 25 Terms You Cannot Live Without she goes over several blogging basics.

I had mentioned this post of her’s before, StumbleUpon Sent me 149 Readers in One Day, that described what she thought was important in how she crafted her pages. Of course, the article of her’s that I first noticed and stumbled was this one, Writing Great Content for Your Blog


If Ivy keeps going the direction she’s heading I think she’ll be on the blogger A-List in a few short months.

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Comment by ivy
2007-11-20 02:31:14

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your kind comments in your review on my blog! :)

Comment by jfc
2007-11-20 07:42:55

You’re welcome Ivy

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