BlogRush Still Sucks - Mid November Update

BlogRush Sucks

Yes, BlogRush still sucks. This is no news to small time bloggers who’re still in the program. They know that they get extremely low conversion rates for the widget and, if they take the time to look, they’ll find that they’re primarily advertising for big blogs or someone else’s affiliate offers for Forex eBooks or tampons. Big time bloggers like John Chow or John Cow, who got let back into the BlogRush club after complaining, seem to be shocked by the overwhelming negative reaction by their readers.

Throwing Around the Cash

It seems that BlogRush is throwing around cash for paid reviews. They’re looking for PR3 blogs or above to write something, anything, positive about the massive traffic you’ll get if you use BlogRush. I guess they’re hoping to catch blogging noobies since anyone who’s been around more than a few weeks has caught on to them. Is that a whiff of desperation in the air?

BlogRush Sucks Link Update

Here are some people talking about how much BlogRush Sucks.

Rant: BlogRush Support Doesn’t Exist?

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BlogRush, is it as great as I thought it would be?

Blogrush Removed

45N5 or BlogRush Which is Better

BlogRush Censors Unfavorable Reviews?

BlogRush Removed

The Death of BlogRush?

Updates Is Coming! Can It Save Blogrush?

BlogRush Gives You Traffic If You Already Have Traffic

Hop on the BlogRush Sucks Bandwagon. Leave me a comment or contact me with a post of yours describing how BlogRush Sucks and I’ll include it in this update or another one.


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Comment by Saedel
2007-11-18 21:02:37

Hi Frank, I made a comment on your Nov. 1st post not knowing that you were posting a new Roundup. Please delete that one, if it’s okay.

Anyway, like I told you in my previous post, I’ll update you on my BlogRush saga. I made a post just half an hour ago about how I discovered that BlogRush censored my post (accidental or intentional, I have no clue).

If you get the chance, visit my blogrush post here.


PS. Thanks, I saw my link in this post already. :P

Comment by jfc
2007-11-18 21:44:51

Hi Saedel,

I have comments with any links put in moderation to prevent comment spam so sorry about the delay in showing yours.

You’re probably on their ‘bad’ list now and set to be purged for being ‘low quality’ next time around.

2007-11-18 21:52:19

Thanks for the link.
I get more referrals from MyBlogLog -many times more than BlogRush did. That leaves me to think there are better ways to use the space than BlogRush.
BlogRush was simply an underperformer for me. Given that, it actually did better than I thought it would. That still was not enough.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-18 22:04:45

Hi James,

That was my view as well on the blog I had it on for a few weeks, that it wasn’t as good at bringing traffic as other widgets.

Interesting because you have to go through several steps to read someone’s blog using MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog rather than a single click. People just don’t like to click the BlogRush widget. I’d guess that’s because there’s still better than a 50/50 chance there’s spam at the other end, even post purge.

Comment by Brian Purkiss
2007-11-19 02:22:37

Judging by the quantity of your ‘BlogRush sucks’ posts…
You don’t like it much…

Comment by jfc
2007-11-19 07:00:30

Hi Brian,

You’re correct. I think they had a good idea that they screwed up in several ways, most notably screwing over small and mid-sized bloggers in favor of the big boys and spammers, the same old story.

Also, criticizing them has brought more traffic than their widget ever did. :)

Comment by Zybron
2007-11-20 13:00:04

Thanks for the link.

I see that there are many others in the same line of thought that I had about BlogRush. It’s a shame, too, because I still think it was a really good idea. Just poor execution, I guess.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-21 01:09:36

Hi Zybron,

They made several critical mistakes that all go back to poor judgment. Too bad really but they dug their own grave with mistake piled on top of mistake.

Comment by chuck norris dude
2007-11-28 11:06:06

Yes, the really failed with BG.

What I’m surprised about is that they didn’t respond quickly and improved the widget itself. If you plan something big like that, I guess you also have to plan to make any necessary changes and improvements.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-28 12:44:05

Thanks for stopping by Chuck,

I think they used the standard dotcom era practice of spaghetti project management, throw it on the wall and see what sticks.

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