Blog Review: SEO Blog - Marketmou

Patricia Skinner requested a Free Blog Review of her blog, SEO Blog - Marketmou and here it is…

What is SEO Blog - Marketmou?

SEO Blog - Marketmou

According to the About page, Patricia wants to use the blog as a way to share what she’s learned about SEO in order to pay back to the online community and as a way of staying motivated to stay current. She also has a business mission to provide honest, reasonably-priced SEO services.

Site Design/Theme

SEO Blog - Marketmou use the Smashing Theme, a 3 column theme with dual right side columns. I’m not a big fan of this theme myself for a business like look but perhaps it works OK.

The blog has one, very serious, glaring problem. It does not allow comments unless one is logged in. Without comments, the site is hardly a blog. I would strongly recommend removing this impediment to user interaction.

Most of the posts on the front page are set with the - more - flag. This is OK for a magazine look but this also causes a partial RSS feed. It would be best to install as plugin that forces the full feed. Also, speaking of RSS feeds, the icons for it are tiny. While I’m not a big fan of huge feed icons, these are 10×10 and too small. I’d also recommend adding a link for email subscriptions.

I found site navigation is decent enough although the blue on dark gray tag cloud is a little difficult to read.  I’d recommend adding a sitemap page to further improve navigation. A "Best Articles" section above the fold would also be a good way to enhance page stickiness. The archive dropdown is useful when it comes to saving screen real estate but it’s also easy to overlook.

I’d recommend dumping the entirely useless BlogRush spam box for something useful, like a Top Commentators list. Of course, that would mean actually allowing people to comment on your blog. Also I’d recommend getting rid of the Meta section.

The blog is monetized with Widgetbucks. I’ve not had that much success with this ad program and neither have other bloggers. I’d love to hear that SEO Blog - Marketmou is the exception to the rule. If it isn’t, then a better, SEO related, ad(s) might be a good idea if monetization isn’t cut out entirely. If this blog is being used to promote a business, I’d recommend dropping ads altogether.


Moving on to content, let’s see what the site has to offer so far as articles go…

Unfortunately, the first few were bad news:

In Are You a Commercial Dinosaur?, she says, "Try and encourage dialog–engage your visitors in discussion." yet she blocks discussion on her site, strange. The rest of this article is pretty good though.

In News of Good Things to Come–and Blogrush she makes the mistake of saying this regarding BlogRush: "They had some issues with the usual spammers and jerks, so they’ve taken the time to rebuild their operation to allow only sincere and honest bloggers to take part." She should read my BlogRush Sucks category to see how many good blogs were affected by this purge and take a look at the spammy affiliate offer sites she’s linking to in the widget.

OK, anyone can have bad or mistaken articles so let’s find some good stuff.

In the plus column is this Interview with Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz. It’s a good interview with one of the SEO gurus.

Another good one is Which One Will Be the Next Big Search Engine? that looks at some new search engines.

In general, I found most of the other articles short and linking out to other sites rather than providing new, original, content.


I know it sounds like I’m being quite critical of SEO Blog - Marketmou. The blog isn’t bad although it did run head-on into two of my pet blogging peeves, BlogRush and Comment Fear. Getting rid of these two problems would make the blog much, much, better in my view.

I’d also recommend producing more original content rather than linking articles. This will help the blog gain more traffic, particularly from social bookmarking sites.

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Comment by Patricia Skinner
2007-11-16 04:31:11

Hi Frank, it occurred to me that it looks really rude that I didn’t even bother to comment after you did this wonderful review for me. I just wanted to reassure everyone that if they go over to my blog they’ll see my full response. I say wonderful review because, even though you were tough, that’s what was needed. Non of us achieve our best if all we want to do is hear sweet words. The truth is sometimes hard to take, but it’s at least constructive. Bless you. :)

Comment by jfc
2007-11-16 07:10:35

Hi Patricia,

For some reason your comment got marked by Akismet as spam. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I hope you found the review helpful. I’m glad to see that you opened up comments on your blog. As I mentioned on your blog, it’s always good to get different opinions, both as a reviewer and reviewee.

Comment by bluddytat
2007-12-06 12:32:14

m.. very nice

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