Blog Review: Telling It Like It Is

Lin requested a Free Blog Review of her blog, Telling It Like It Is and here it is…

What is Telling It Like It Is?

Blog Review: Telling It Like It Is

According to the About page, Lin, the author of Telling It Like It Is, has had an interesting life and she enjoys writing advice columns, often based on her own, considerable, experiences. One of the great things you can do on the Internet is learn from the experiences of others and Lin certainly provides this opportunity.

Site Design/Theme

Telling It Like It Is uses the Blogger Template by Blogcrowds and is, as you might guess, based on the Blogger blogging system rather than WordPress. The design is a nice looking 3 column design with rounded corners and content in the center. The content font is inconsistent on the posts, sometimes it’s a bit small for my taste and sometimes OK. I don’t know that much about the Blogger platform but it seems that there should be a way to fix this up to get a more consistent look.

I found site navigation adequate. I’d recommend expanding the Recent Discussions area beyond just 5 articles and/or adding a "Best Of" section to highlight top articles. I don’t know if Blogger offers a sitemap page but that might also help. If there is a related posts option this might be helpful too.

The blog is heavily monetized with Google Adsense and many affiliate offers, mostly oriented toward a female audience. While I think it is good to monetize a blog, the number of ads along with the number of badges and widgets do cause some loading time issues. I’d recommend Lin take a critical eye toward these ads and widgets and get rid of the underperforming ones and those that cause load issues. This should result in a better user experience and more money for her.


The advice and deeply personal content is what makes Telling It Like It Is an excellent and unique blog. Here are some examples:

Too Young To Be This D*** Old is good one about getting old that I can relate to, particularly when it comes to glasses.

16 Traits Of An Abusive Relationship is an informative post on the warning signs to look for in an abusive relationship.

Look Into The Eyes Of A Child is a very moving, personal, 4 part story, of child abuse. Read all four parts, it’s worth it. Few blog posts have brought a tear to my eye, but this one did.


Lin’s content is excellent. The only things hurting the site are the load times and the readability of the fonts in some cases.

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Comment by Lin
2007-11-12 21:28:25

Frank, I appreciate your suggestions with my blog. I agree about the font size, and I’m looking into how to increase it by adjusting the layout coding. I totally agree with that point.

The load time is one I will also look into, as I hadn’t heard it loads slowly by anyone else yet. Blog Rush is likely to be removed first, as it hasn’t done a lot for me. I will definitely look into your critique of loading time.

You found the post on getting old?! haha! I didn’t think anyone would find that one! Too funny!

Look Into The Eyes Of A Child was, needless to say, extremely difficult to write. I hesitated over the Publishing button for quite some time, but I knew it was an important story to post. Not just for myself, but all for the others like me.

Thank you for the honesty in your review, it is much appreciated.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-12 22:05:18

Hi Lin,

BlogRush would be one I’d recommend getting rid of. It doesn’t provide much value for smaller blogs. Widgetbucks is another one I’ve seen have loading issues.

Since I’m 48 the getting old post was one that attracted my attention. Having to wear glasses bugs me.

I appreciate the courage it took for you to publish such a personal story as Look Into The Eyes Of A Child.

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