5 Questions Double Whammy Meme Tag

Me - Simpsonized

I got meme double whammy from Maurice at Cayman Host and Lin at Telling It Like It Is. Here I am ‘Simpsonized’. So now I get to answer some questions I guess.

(1) How Long Have You Been Blogging?

OpTempo is just over a month old at this point. My other blog, Visual Basic Notebook for .NET, got started in May 2007 although it’s really a continuation of a static HTML VB website I started in 1999. I had a few other blogs that I started, going back to 2004, although these two are the first I’ve put a real time commitment into.

(2) What Inspired You To Start A Blog and Who Are Your Mentors?

Before I started blogging I wrote quite often in online forums, either music, political or programming related, going back to Compu$erve, FIDONet and GENIE in 1980’s. Blogging just seemed like a natural progression of what I’ve already been doing for years.

As for mentors or inspirations…

Robert Scoble would be one. I met him in person in 1995 at Comdex at a Microsoft hosted event when he was working as a jack-of-all-trades at Fawcette plus I knew him online from Compu$erve. Flash forward a few years and BOOM! he’s Mr. Blog.

More recently, I’d have to say John Chow for his anything goes attitude. Maki at Dosh Dosh and Courtney Tuttle for the quality of their information. And, lastly, Vic for his inspiration for the idea for getting OpTempo off the ground.

(3) Are You Trying To Make Money Online Or Just Doing It For Fun?

I’m trying to make money online, although OpTempo isn’t the only basket I’m putting my eggs into. VB Notebook is more about helping other programmers and gaining, or more accurately regaining, prestige in that community.

(4) Tell Me Three Things You LOVE About Being Online

1. Meeting people from around the world, 2. Helping people, 3. The exchange of information.

(5) Tell Me Three Things You Struggle With In The Online World

1. Taking time away from it, 2. Being too much of a perfectionist and do-it-yourself-er when it comes to programming, 3. Making money from it.

As for tagging, I’ll tag Courtney and Vic although I doubt they have the time.

I’ll also add in Jamie Harrop, Eric Socia, and John W. Furst


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2007-11-12 23:27:00

Wow Frank, you’re fast, I was penning a response to Lin and already you have her review and an excellent response to the meme up already.

Do you have some blogging elves on the payroll?

Thanks for taking part, I know the meme thing is not for everyone so it’s appreciated and thanks for the insights and interesting “tagees”.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-12 23:37:15

Hi Maurice,

Like I mentioned I’ve been doing this online writing thing since 1985 so I’ve gotten good at it. :)

Somewhere I’ve got backups of some of those old BBS conversations. If they’re still good I’ll have to post them as an example of the “good ole days”.

2007-11-13 07:26:01

[…] was tagged by Frank from OpTempo to take part in the 5 Questions About the Online You […]

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