Some Links #9


It’s time once again for another edition of "Some Links"

Carla Chadwick wrote this nice checklist you should use before clicking the submit button: Posting checklist.

Courtney Tuttle described his early failures at social media and bookmarking in this article: 5 Reasons I Used To Suck At Social Media.

Homemade Vanilla Extract from is a great description of how you can create vanilla extract. I’ve done this one myself a few years ago and it works great. The whole site is chocked full of excellent cooking tips.

Markk has a review of the ScratchBack TopSpots in this article: Fun Time: Scratch My Back & I’ll Scratch Yours! I bought a ScratchBack on his site and I’ve seen some traffic from it already.

If you’ve wondered about how to build a brand name ChipSEO has an answer or two for you in this article: Steps to Build Your Brand Name and Make it Stand Out.

Todd Morris asks the question, How many blogs is too many?. Todd’s blog, The Successful Part-Time Networker, is scheduled for a free blog review in a day or so, BTW.

James at DigitalKeyToInfo put together this post, Are You Google’s Whore? that takes the search engine giant to task for their recent manipulation of page rank.

Jason A Clark’s blog is mostly about TV and Movie happenings. Here’s an informative one about the new Star Trek movie that J.J. Abrams of Lost fame is working on: Winona Ryder & Rachel Nichols Cast In “Star Trek XI”.

If you’re looking for a list of link directories MerDuriaN has them in this article: List of Blog Directories Part 1 (Reciprocal Required)

Baby boom blogger GoingLikeSixty discovers how to tell he’s old in this article, Thirteen Things That Mark Me as an Old Man.

And, lastly, BigDadGib hits the BlogRush Sucks highway with this post: Hey BlogRush, Where’s The Rush?

That’s all for this edition. Check back later for another one. To get your blog included in this list, which means a link and a stumble, simply  leave a comment with your URL (no splogs or ‘bad neighborhood’ sites need apply). If I overlooked your site and didn’t include your site in an earlier post, use the contact me page to let me know.


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Comment by Jason A Clark
2007-11-10 01:30:40

Thanks for the mention and the link!

Comment by jfc
2007-11-10 09:29:12

You’re welcome Jason. You’ve got a good entertainment news blog.

Comment by Todd Morris
2007-11-10 16:20:05

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the link, I appreciate it … looking forward to your suggestions on how to improve my blog … thanks in advance.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-10 21:23:47

You’re welcome Todd,

I’ve like to space out reviews by about 6-8 posts so I should be posting your’s tomorrow. Beyond that I have 3 more lined up.

Comment by Carla Chadwick
2007-11-11 13:22:07

Thanks so much for the mention of my checklist! I appreciate it. :-)

Comment by jfc
2007-11-11 20:21:53

You’re welcome Carla

Your interview is now posted, BTW.

Comment by bigdadgib
2007-11-17 04:20:03

Thanks for the link my friend.
Happy blogging!

Comment by jfc
2007-11-17 12:05:28

You’re welcome bigdadgib,

I try to link to everyone who comments here on OpTempo and leaves their blog URL.

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