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As of 6/24/2008, this site no longer appears to be active

Josh Dockery requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, Josh Dockery - My Journey to Make Money Online and here it is…

What is Josh Dockery - My Journey to Make Money Online?

Josh Dockery - My Journey to Make Money Online

Well, he says it right there in his title, doesn’t he. His blog is chronicling his journey to make money online. His about page adds a little more saying that he’s a recent college graduate and a new online entrepreneur.

Site Design/Theme

The site uses the Direct Response Web 2.0 Theme, a clean 2 column, right sidebar, design. Josh has a custom graphic as the logo which is a nice touch. Graphics are used in several posts which helps liven up the theme that might be a little too plain otherwise.

Site navigation is provided by recent posts, categories, recent comments and a tag cloud. Unfortunately, there is no search. I’d recommend adding a custom Google search since that offers the opportunity for further monetization. Another idea, once he has more content, would be a sitemap.

Josh uses the top commentator plugin which is another nice touch since it helps build site loyality.

The top of the sidebar is dominated by a large RSS graphic and subscribe by email form. This seems like a little bit of a waste of space to me but that’s just a minor quibble.

Monetization includes a Google Link Unit way below the fold and a hosting affiliate 125×125 button. It’s a very subtle approach to a site that talks about making money online. I’d recommend doing a little more with the monetization or getting rid of it altogether.


Some of Josh’s articles include:

Top Ten Websites: How to Make Money Online - This is yet another list of make money sites but with a twist. Some of the top names aren’t there and there are some lesser known bloggers getting recognition in it.

In A Quick Way to KEEP Your Readers he explains the basics of formatting a post with good fonts and paragraphs. Simple stuff, sure, but how many blogs do you see that don’t do this?

This article, Setting Goals to be Successful, explains some of his thoughts on goal setting and provides his own goals.


He’s off to a good start. Content building will be important at this phase since he only has about 2 pages of articles at this point. I’d recommend posting daily, at the very least, to build a good foundation. Avoiding the money blogger echo chamber and sticking close to the ideal of documenting his own journey should work well.

Get Your Site Reviewed

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Comment by Markk
2007-11-09 00:46:15

You mentioned Scratchback Topspot in your post and I thought of donating to it but then where is it? It’s supposed to be on the top right corner of this blog. Anyway, I’ll be back later and find out. Regards.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-09 01:39:10

Hi Markk,

It should be at the top of the outer right sidebar. You may need to scroll over if you’re using a resolution smaller than 1024×768. What browser are you using?

2007-11-10 18:31:02

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