5 Ways to Promote Your Blog on OpTempo


I no longer offer free blog reviews or interviews and I’ve removed the Scratchback TopSpots in favor of other advertising. I also don’t do that many speedlinking posts anymore. I do offer Free 125×125 button ads and I’d still be interested in any compelling guest blog articles.

One of my objectives on OpTempo is to promote this blog by promoting other people’s blogs. Here are five ways I’m doing this and how you can participate in it:

1. Free Blog Reviews

So far I’ve done 10 reviews so far and I have 3 more in the queue as of this writing. It’s always helpful to get other people’s perspectives on things like your blog/theme design, your monetization strategy, your content and other things. Plus you get deep one way links back to your site for some of your best content and a tick up on your Technorati authority. I also have started stumbling the posts I like on your site when I do the review which should help bring in more traffic.

2. Blog Author Interviews

Here’s a new promotional method I’m offering, a blog author interview. Some people, as it turns out, are a bit shy or nervous about submitting their site for a review. So, here’s a chance for you to control the content. Read the rules, fill out the interview form and email it to me using Interview page. I’ll post your interview, as long as it conforms to the rules, and you’ll get the same advantages as the blog review.

3. Scratchback TopSpots

I have the ScratchBack TopSpots set up at the top of the right side sidebar. A slot in it only costs $1 and there are 20 spots available right now on a rotating basis. These are great for not only promoting your blog but for promoting affiliate offers, mini-sites or forums as well. I do pre-approve links but I don’t mind what you put there as long as it isn’t something ‘bad neighborhood’ or terribly spammy or scammy (zip/email submits are OK). They don’t pass “link juice” or authority but they should bring you some traffic.

4. Comments and “Some Links” Posts

If you comment and leave a URL to your blog, I will include it in an upcoming edition of my Some Links post as long as the URL is to a blog and the site isn’t a splog or a ‘bad neighborhood’. If I like a post on your site I’ll mention it in a textual context and stumble it as well. I’m not perfect and I may miss your add your comment. Subscribe to my RSS feed and, if you notice I missed you this time around, use the contact form to remind me and I’ll include you next time.

5. Guest Blog Post

Maybe you would like to write on a topic that you don’t usually cover on your blog but you don’t want to take your blog too far off-topic. OpTempo to the rescue! Since this blog is a general topic news/variety blog you can post just about anything here as long as it’s interesting. Just use the contact form to send me your idea. I would really like posts describing where you live, either as a tourist destination, like John did about Tenerife, or just about day-to-day life there. I think these kinds of posts are very interesting to readers.

Remember that I won’t offer these opportunities forever so take advantage of them now. If you have any other mutually beneficial promotional ideas, please let me know by leaving a comment.


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